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7 Steps to Better Bone and Joint Health

They say people only realize the value of what they have when they lose it, which is true in most cases. This old adage is especially relevant when it comes to aging and its effect […]

Treat your Acid Reflux problem with some simple ways

Acid Reflux is the problem when people feel pain in the throat due to acid from the stomach. Our glands produce acids which help the stomach to digest the food we eat. Sometimes the acid […]

What is GERD and what are its symptoms

GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is basically a common disease among people which indicates digestive disorder. This long0-term disease normally affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The esophageal sphincter is the ring muscles between your […]

Foods That Help To Fight Diabetes

According to Statista, approximately 8.8 percent of the people worldwide are suffering from diabetes. It is also approximated that this number may go upto 9.9 percent by the year 2045. The country with the highest […]

Planning for a great day trip to Baku

If you are planning for a short span of time stay at Baku and wondering what could possibly be the best thing you can do to actually enjoy a trip, the short day trip can […]

How to Get Creative with Your Cardio Routine

Working out and implementing cardio into your everyday routine is a great way to remain healthy while staying in shape at any age. While working out is necessary for longevity, it can become extremely boring, […]

How to Make Your Phone Your Personal Trainer

We often underrate the marvels of having a computer in our pockets. With the use of a smartphone on us at all times, we can accomplish things that we never thought possible mere decades ago. […]

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