Month: August 2018

Comparing Medical Indemnity Insurance – What You Need to Know

Operating within the medical and healthcare industry can come with risks. To protect patients and practice safely, it’s a legal requirement in Australia that all healthcare and medical professionals be insured with medical indemnity insurance […]

What are analytical balances used for Laboratory

Description What are analytical balances used for laboratory. A lab balance is called analytical balance which is developed to determine little mass a range of weighing capacities with a read capacity to 0.1 or 0.01 […]

Different Types of Dementia and How to Deal with it (Infographic)

Although dementia is one of the biggest killers in older people, many individuals aren’t aware of its prominence and the impact that it has on sufferers and their loved ones. We’re aiming to make more […]

Mistakes To Be Avoided While Doing A Workout In The Gym

The biggest mistake people make while trying to pack muscle or lose fat is by doing more isolation work rather than overall body compound movements. Compound movements such as squats, dead lifts, and bench press […]