3 Major Services That General Dentists Provide

3 Major Services That General Dentists Provide

People who visit their dentists may spend most of their time on standard exams and cleanings. Unfortunately, they may not always get to learn about the broad range of services that these experts can offer. They can maximize their relationships with their dentists by learning more about the following major services.

1. Cosmetic Procedures

People’s smiles can greatly affect their appearance and their self-image, which is why it is important to maintain them. Dentists provide a variety of procedures that can improve their patients’ smiles. For instance, they can apply certain products to whiten teeth and offer bonding, veneers and crowns to modify their shapes and forms. An Invisalign dentist can perform treatments with clear aligners that can correct spacing and crowding issues.

2. Preventative Care

Perhaps the most well-known dental services are the oral exams that take place every six months. Dental experts use tools such as mirrors, dental x-rays and more to find any potential problems. They can also offer nutritional and hygienic advice on how to improve oral health and prevent any future diseases and teeth decay or loss. Finally, patients can get their teeth cleaned and polished by applying a paste rich in fluoride with a small rotating rubber cup.

3. Disease and Decay Treatment

Although most dental visits are ideally preventative, there might times when dentists will need to diagnose and treat a wide variety of oral diseases and tooth damage or decay. Gum diseases, or periodontal diseases, can be treated via advanced cleaning, antibiotics and surgery. Meanwhile, dentists can address cavities via fillings, crowns and root canal therapies. It is important to take oral health seriously, as it can signal other health issues such as high diabetes risk and heart disease.

Dentists and dental hygienists are associated with exams and cleanings, but they can also offer much more. Curious patients can take advantage of these resources and improve their well-being.

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