7 Facts Concerning Eczema That You Should Understand

7 Facts Concerning Eczema That You Should Understand

Do you know the largest organ of your body? Your skin is the biggest organ that protects other inner organs and tissues in your body from external conditions and infections. Additionally, your skin determines how you look and how you feel about yourself. Therefore, it is always necessary to maintain the wellness of this organ. However, despite your efforts, the immune response to the allergens can cause eczema Downtown DC. This condition triggers inflammation and painful rashes that can hamper your skin’s protective role and attractiveness. Here are facts that will help you learn more about eczema.

This Condition Occurs in Different Forms

Unlike many skin conditions, eczema occurs differently depending on the skin type and region it affects. For instance, Stasis Dermatitis causes redness and swelling in the legs. Contact Dermatitis occurs as a rash when the allergens touch your skin. Each symptom requires unique treatment. Therefore, you should seek a diagnosis from a professional to know the specific kind of condition in your skin.

Anyone Can Get Eczema

Although this condition is prevalent among children below five, individuals of any age can get eczema. For example, as individuals get older, their skin is prone to dryness, making them vulnerable to eczema.

This Condition Is Hereditary

Genetic factors play a part in transmitting this condition through generations. If your parents have had atopic dermatitis, you are more likely to develop eczema. However, the gene alone may not cause the manifestation of this condition without the other environmental factors, such as exposure to allergens.

Eczema Can Trigger Other Skin Complications

While many people underrate eczema, it can trigger other skin problems when left untreated. Eczema compromises the skin’s protective layer, thus increasing the chances of infections such as staph and warts. The severe swelling and dryness can also cause permanent discoloration on the skin.

Scratching Will Increase the Severity of Eczema

Eczema flare-ups are disturbing, and you may be tempted to scratch your skin. Although this exercise may alleviate the appearance of the condition, it does not offer a long-term solution. Scratching will only increase the irritation and expose your skin to more wounds. Instead, it would help if you used moisturizers to ease the symptoms while anticipating professional treatments.

Eczema Can Affect the Quality of Your Life

While you will observe the eczema symptoms on the skin surface, the condition goes beyond that. With eczema, you will often experience reduced self-esteem, especially in front of people. This condition also increases the susceptibility to immune-related conditions such as celiac diseases.

This Condition Is Not Infectious

Many people believe that eczema is infectious since most skin conditions that irritate can transmit from one individual to another through touch. However, this condition is not transmissible from one person to another, but it can easily spread to different body parts of the infected victims. Therefore, seeking appropriate medications to manage the worsening symptoms is good.


Are you experiencing painful rashes and swelling on your skin? If yes, you could be among the millions of people suffering from eczema. However, it is not all lost since there are reliable treatments to alleviate the symptoms of this depressive skin condition Visit Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center, where a team of experienced personnel provides diverse treatment options to ease the eczema symptoms. Make an online booking and visit the facility to live a happy life again.

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