Achieve The Admirable Smooth, Streamlined Curves With Body Sculpting

Achieve The Admirable Smooth, Streamlined Curves With Body Sculpting

Losing weight requires patience, sacrifice, and resilience but stubborn fat may make it seem like you are doing nothing. Kenneth Thompson MD enables you to enjoy the results of your efforts by offering WarmSculpting with SculpSure to get rid of the annoying fat cells. This approach is safe and effective and rarely causes any significant complications.

What does body contouring involve?

Body contouring is an excellent, non-invasive treatment that eliminates excess fat and resculpts your skin after pregnancy or weight loss. While body sculpting may not be a weight-loss technique, it eliminates stubborn fats, enabling you to achieve your ideal body figure.

There are numerous body contouring approaches, and your provider involves you in the decision-making to ensure that the chosen technique meets your expectations. Typically, you are eligible for body contouring if you have a healthy weight but have problematic fatty pockets that won’t respond to exercise and diet.

Your provider conducts a comprehensive medical exam to ensure that you don’t have underlying medical conditions that could lead to complications. The specialists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa uses Warmsculpting with SculpSure to eliminate excess fat from your back, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

This treatment employs contemporary laser technology to permanently destroy the unwanted fat cells, preventing them from regenerating. However, this approach does not hinder the remaining fat cells from growing. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you maintain your attractive silhouette for a long time.

How can you prepare for body contouring?

Preparation for body sculpting is easy. During your first appointment, your primary doctor evaluates your general health before clearing you for treatment. You may also need to go for your lab tests, take specific medications and skip your current medications for a few days. Your provider may advise you to avoid smoking a few days before your treatment.

How does body contouring improve your physical appearance?

The specialists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa utilize the FDA-approved Warmsculptng with SculpSure technique to address the problematic areas, unlocking your most attractive silhouette. During the procedure, your provider glides the device over the treatment site, transmitting laser energy that heats the fat cells, destroying them permanently. The treatment session usually lasts for about 25 minutes.

Warmsculpting is a painless procedure; most patients describe it as a warm, relaxing massage. Over the next 6-12 weeks, your body naturally absorbs the damaged fat cells, and you can start enjoying the excellent results in the treatment area afterward. This approach does not interfere with your daily schedule because it requires no downtime, and you can embark on your activities immediately after your treatment.

Does body sculpting eliminate cellulite?

Although body sculpting gives you toned, smoother body curves, it does not directly eliminate cellulite. A Beautiful You Medical Spa may recommend Venus Legacy, a radiofrequency-based approach that removes cellulite. You can discuss this treatment with your doctor to determine if it is right for you.

To explore the dramatic results of WarmSculpting with SculpSure ad Venus Legacy, call the office or click on the booking tool to create an appointment today.

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