Benefits of HydraFacial Skin Rejuvenation therapy

Benefits of HydraFacial Skin Rejuvenation therapy

A hydrafacial is a three-step therapy formulated to address discoloration and fine lines. The process comprises infusion with ingredients tailored to your needs. It cleanses and extracts grime, grease, and microbes from the skin’s pores before infusing agents. Find out why Hydrafacial Coral Gables is becoming the leading skin rejuvenation therapy.

Gentler than traditional dermabrasion techniques

Hydrafacial can be described as an advanced dermabrasion process. Traditional treatments like microdermabrasion apply mild pressure to scrub the uneven outer skin’s surface. Dermabrasion techniques aim to exfoliate the skin or remove dead cells.

Hydrafacial differs from conventional dermabrasion since it uses suction force to remove dead cells on the skin’s surface. The applicator device has rotating tips that facilitate the exfoliation process.

The gentler approach is one crucial advantage of the treatment. The applicator tips can also infuse moisturizers and nutrients without causing scarring or discomfort. It is a convenient and effective treatment for skin discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Suitable for all ages and skin types

The hydrafacial skin treatment is suitable for virtually all skin conditions. The treatments can be applied to various parts, such as the body, lips, and scalp. However, your provider will evaluate your skin for conditions that could cause complications. The procedure is unsuitable for people with epilepsy, cancer, and blood disorders.

It is safer and gentler than most abrasion techniques making it suitable for people of different ages. The device suctions dirt on the outer skin surface without physical pressure or needles. Most patients describe it as feeling like a soft massage.

Infusion improves outcomes

A hydrafacial hydrates the skin using medical-grade moisturizers containing healthy nutrients. The ingredients are tailored to meet your needs. They comprise antioxidants, which reverse the effects of oxidative stress on your skin.

According to research on hydrafacial, patients treated with hydrafacial had thicker skin and higher antioxidant levels. Their skin had higher levels of collagen, which tends to deplete with age. The procedure stimulates your connective tissue to firm your skin and restore its brightness.

Studies also confirm that combining hydrafacial microdermabrasion with infusions improved skin rejuvenation effects. Patients in the study had better outcomes than with either approach on its own.

The infusion adds anti-inflammatory agents to reduce scarring and redness. Patients treated with both therapies had 32% more antioxidants on their skin than the control. These ingredients prevent the destruction of skin tissue, which could happen during the procedure.

Zero down time and fast results

Hydrafacial is one of the best skin rejuvenation therapies with zero downtime. Since it is gentle, you don’t have to worry about resuming your daily routine. There is virtually no discomfort like redness or swelling that is common with microdermabrasion treatments.

The procedure also infuses the skin with protein compounds called peptides. Peptides are the primary building blocks needed by collagen and elastin. They firm the skin by inducing collagen production. After less than an hour, you may notice radiant skin with consistent texture and color.

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