Common Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Common Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is one of the most common procedures people take to correct deformations or modify their appearance. With vast expertise in the field, many people undergo various facial surgeries to change their appearance. The following are the major facial plastic surgery.

Face Liposuction

People with localized fat on various parts of the face, such as the chin, can correct the issue with face liposuction. According to Dr. Joel Aronowitz, the procedure is also ideal for removing excess fat around the neck. It is best administered to individuals who cannot lose excess fat through exercise or a change in diet.

The procedure requires a plastic surgeon to make minor incisions into the skin to loosen the fat. The process uses a hollow cannula whereby the excess fat is sucked out. The best part about this procedure is that it offers immediate results, and the patient doesn’t take long to recover.


The surgery is also known as rhytidectomy, which aims to tighten facial skin. It involves the removal of excess fat under the skin, thus resulting in a tighter face. In most cases, the surgery is done together with a brow lift to give the face a full transformation of a youthful appearance.

People eligible for facelifts have deep lines running from the nose to either edge of the mouth. They may also have creases under their eyelids, a double chin, and jowls resulting from skin tone loss. The individual might also have disappeared or fallen facial fat.


The type of procedure, also known as eyelid surgery, focuses on removing the excess fat around the eyes to give the individual a youthful appearance. It’s also done to correct functional eye problems. For instance, sagging skin can cause impaired vision, thus making it challenging for individuals to carry out their daily activities.

People with puffy eyes and sagging skin which alters the eyes’ natural appearance, require this surgery to correct. It’s also ideal for individuals with bags under the eyes or fine wrinkles on either eyelid. Drooping eyes also qualify people for the procedure.


The procedure is also known as ear surgery and aids in balancing the ears and facial appearance. It’s done to improve the ear’s proportion or shape, depending on a person’s needs. The surgery is ideal for people willing to correct a birth defect in their ears.

Otoplasty also helps patients who have undergone ear deformity due to an accident. It also helps people with both or one protruding ear and corrects previous surgery. Plastic surgeons know a lot about these procedures and are best fit to offer the necessary advice. Ear surgery is among the most sensitive facial procedures, and if done the wrong way, it can highly affect an individual’s appearance.

The type of facial surgery varies depending on every person’s preferences. When people plan to have a procedure done on them, they should consult with their doctor to ensure it offers the best appearance. They would also know about the involved risks and recovery period.

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