Common Types of Weight Loss Pills

Common Types of Weight Loss Pills

If you’re here looking for a fast and effective way to lose weight, you might be in the right place. Have you thought about trying out a new diet pill? Are you a pill aficionado who has tried out so many things but rarely has something worked? Or are you new to the diet pill craze and are simply here to do some research and figure out whether or not the pill method is right for you? Whatever your reasons, you’re in the right place. A lot of people pursue diet pills because the more traditional ways of losing weight, i.e. portion control, calorie counting and exercise etc. are not working for them. Many people get tired of having to do the same old things and yet see few results. If you’re one of those people, diet pills might be the best step for you. Here, we are going to give you the names of some of the most common diet pills and review them. In this way you’ll have a good resource that you can check out when you want make your first purchase. So here are some of the most common diet pills and substances available out there.

The first one is called Meratrim and it’s still relatively new. This drug has been making waves in the community but a lot of research hasn’t been done just yet so its effectiveness cannot be counted on. However, it works in a very interesting way that no other pill has been able to. Meratrim is made from a combination of two rare plant extracts that may actually work to change the structure and behavior of fat cells. Forget boosting metabolism or inhibiting fat breakdown! This handy little pill might actually be able to stop your fat cells from multiplying in the first place. What a great trick to have with you at all times. So here’s how it supposedly works: the pill makes it super hard for your fat cells to multiply continuously which means the total amount of fat in your body ends up shrinking and decreasing over time. Once this starts happening, your body starts to use up the stored fat that it has. This means that instead of ingesting more fat, your body will be shredding it. And all on its own! You won’t have to worry about anything while Meratrim is at work. However, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt because only one study has been done so far. The results did appear to be positive though. About a 100 obese people were placed on a diet and were given Meratrim and another dummy pill. The people who took Meratrim ended up losing around 11 pounds by the end of 2 months while the dummy pill takers obviously felt no difference. The people who took Meratrim also reported feeling better and fitter and their quality of life was greatly improved also. Their blood sugar and pressure were also reduced and their cholesterol levels also went down. This pill seems to be a jack of all trades in terms of health and wellness. Even though a lot of testing hasn’t been done, for those who did undergo the study, no one reported any side effects. Could this be the new miracle pill on the market? Looks like there’s a high chance of this.

Another popular substance that aids in weight loss is called forskolin and this is found as the active ingredient for many diet pills with various names. The ingredient comes from a plant in the mint family and is apparently super effective for losing weight and staying thin. It works in an unusual way that has not yet been proven for effectiveness. It raises the levels of a compound called cAMP, which seems to stimulate fat burning qualities. This compound is contained inside cells in the body and if targeted properly, can actually make the body shred fat faster than average. However, it’s unclear whether or not the drug does this effectively. In studies done on the drug, 30 obese men did prove that forskolin reduced their body fat while increasing their muscle mass. However, it had little to no effect on actually body weight and this can be seen as a negative side effect. There was another study done which showed zero effect on 23 obese women. Data on side effects has not been reliably found as yet as not enough studies have been done to confirm these. You shouldn’t take this without thorough research into how your body would react to the substance.

The last drug is a common one called Alli, when it’s sold as an OTC pill. Other times, it may be called Xenical but this is when it’s bought under a prescription. This is a dependable pill and also works to reduce blood pressure slightly. However, there’s not enough scientific evidence to corroborate towards this fact reliably. The pill works by inhibiting the breakdown of fat in the gut. This means that when digesting food, your body will take in much less calories from fat from your food. Theoretically, you can eat whatever you want when you’re taking this drug but actually you should be on a low fat diet. Many studies have been done on this pill and according to the results, Alli can definitely boost and encourage weight loss and fat burning. It also lessens your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes by 37%! The only thing you should worry about is that it causes a lot of negative digestive side effects. You can get loose stools, flatulence, bloating and other hard to control symptoms. You might also become vitamin deficient for Vitamins A, E and K. This is why it’s recommended to stay on a low fat diet when you’re on this drug since you need healthy nutrition.

This is good advice to remember for all your diet routines. You need to stay on a healthy diet to ensure your weight loss is gradual and not unhealthy.

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