Departmental Store Vs Medical Grade Skin Care Lines

Departmental Store Vs Medical Grade Skin Care Lines

Wondering whether you should procure over-the-counter skincare products or the medical grade stuff? When you open a medical cabinet, you may see over-the-counter products or a CVS brand moisturizer but choosing the appropriate skin care product for the skin type is necessary. It will improve your skin texture and offer a long-lasting benefit. Choose only medical-grade skincare product if you want long lasting results. These products are much superior to over-the-counter products. Medical grade pharmaceutical skincare products are sold by licensed offices and the leading dermatologist. They are tried and tested not to cause any harm to your skin. Don’t settle for cheap quality skin products available with the departmental stores. As they are sold in the licensed physician office, they contain some of the best ingredients with the best purity grade. Medical Grade skin products offer long-lasting skincare benefits.

Superior grade ingredients characterize Medical-grade skin products

The ingredients in the medical grade skin care products are small in molecular size and are highly effective. Prolonged usage of medical-grade suitable skin care product may change the appearance of the skin for the good. They penetrate your outer layer and the inner layer of the skin much better. Cosmeceuticals comprise of clinically-tested active ingredients to offer positive results to the skin. You may buy them right from dermatology office and are a blend of both pharmaceuticals and cosmetic-grade products. They offer both medical benefits and aesthetic benefits. It is better to choose medical-grade skincare lines than the over-the-counter items. Cosmeceuticals are much better than the items one procures from the drugstore. Cosmeceuticals have powerful ingredients that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin termed as stratum corneum. The over-the-counter products don’t affect the skin on a biological level as they do not penetrate the top layer of the skin. So, they are referred to as cosmetic-grade products while medical grade items are usually procured from the doctor’s office.

What are the active ingredients of medical-grade products?

Medical-grade skin care products make use of the same kinds of ingredients like pharmaceutical ones. While the medical-grade items are procured with doctor’s prescription, over-the-counter products may be obtained without any prescription. But, the beneficial ingredients in over-the-counter products are in less quantity when compared to the medical-grade product. Common examples of ingredients in medical-grade skin products are antioxidants, retinol, peptide, and other medical-grade ingredients. There are OTC brands also containing such ingredients but they are minimal. However, the products of OTC brands do not affect the structure of the skin.

Proven formula for developing a skincare product

To develop any kind of skincare product whether a medical grade or pharmaceuticals, the formula plays an important role. The formula determines the effectiveness of the product. There are manufacturers who employ all inexpensive techniques of product manufacture in order to maintain the cost. On the other hand, cosmeceutical-grade products carry a higher price tag. But, then, it uses the best grades of raw materials and quality ingredients to give you proven results. The results you get from the medical-grade product are quick and effective. The state-of-the-art formulation is cutting edge to diminish the signs of aging and is also resistant to several skin issues.

Medical-grade products give better value for money

Medical-grade items offer better value for money than others. The end result is desired skin structure as the medical-grade product penetrates to the deeper layer of the skin. Dermatologist-procured products may be used in lesser quantity for they penetrate to a higher level.

The product of customized regimen  

Again, the medical-grade product is usually customized according to the needs of a person. After the dermatologist assesses your skin, the product is recommended. They are aware of the different skin types and the product line that will suit. There is no need to try out different kinds of products of different brands when the medical-grade product suits you well in the first place. You will receive the product which is right for you. The dermatologist will suggest you perfect product based on your skin type.

When it is tricky to choose the right kind of product, you may always rely on a medical-grade product. They are more credible than over-the-counter drugs.

But over-the-counter products are available easily

When compared to medical grade products, over-the-counter items are available easily as no prescription is needed. Pharmaceutical skincare products are the safest and the quickest when it comes to delivering visible results. Attain radiant skin by choosing the right product. The skin becomes supple while the skin issues are resolved.

There is a lot of difference between over-the-counter products and medical-grade items. To get the best result from a skincare product, make sure the treatment penetrates to the deeper layer of the skin. The usual departmental store products only work on the surface level of the skin. Dermatologist-recommended product transforms the skin by repairing the skin tissues. You can treat a variety of skin conditions with Medical Grade skin products like acne, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, blemishes, and discoloration.

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