How BodyTite Can Help You Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat

How BodyTite Can Help You Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat

Most people aim at having a perfect shape and healthy body weight throughout their lives. You might need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to achieve this. However, stubborn excess body fat can still get in the way of reaching your goals. When this happens, it can ultimately impact your confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, effective body contouring solutions, such as undergoing a BodyTite procedure, can help you achieve tight and healthy skin. If you are considering this procedure, talk to a Plano BodyTite specialist to help you achieve a scarless and surgery-free solution to shape your body.

What Is a BodyTite Procedure?

A BodyTite treatment is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to reduce stubborn fat on various body parts. It reduces skin laxity, making you look younger and in good shape. BodyTite works similarly to a liposuction procedure but has a short recovery period of approximately two weeks or less. Also, it leaves minimal unnoticeable scars on the targeted areas, leaving your skin looking firm and attractive.

Which Common Areas Does BodyTite Treat?

A BodyTite procedure usually targets the dermal tissue, which primarily stores and deposits body fat. It can tighten loose skin and melt fat within 15 minutes in the below-mentioned areas.

  • Arms
  • The breast and chest area
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Lower back and hips
  • Abdomen

You can treat multiple areas of your body within the same visit during your doctor’s appointment. You can talk more with your doctor about which areas might benefit from the BodyTite treatment.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for BodyTite Treatment

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A BodyTite procedure is recommended for individuals to reduce excess fat, tone, and tighten their skin. However, it would be best to consider other crucial factors before this procedure.

If you are of ideal body weight with a BMI of 30 or less and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can benefit from a BodyTite procedure. However, if you have any underlying medical health issues, including chronic illnesses, you might need to reconsider this treatment since it might cause other problems.

What Can You Benefit From a BodyTite Treatment?

Compared to other traditional body contouring procedures, you can acquire various benefits from a BodyTite treatment. It also takes a shorter period of three to six months to see the desired results. Some of the key benefits of opting for this procedure include:

  • Minimal to no scarring after treatment
  • Evenly removes excess fat and tightens skin
  • Fewer side effects after treatment
  • Minimal downtime with a short recovery period

What Happens During a BodyTite Procedure?

Before the procedure, your doctor will apply an anesthetic gel to the targeted areas to help minimize pain and prevent the radiofrequency rays from damaging your skin. Afterward, your doctor will make a small incision on the treatment areas and slide the BodyTite device connected to a handpiece.

The device sucks out excess and warm fat using radiofrequency energy or heat and triggers the skin to contract and tighten. Depending on the size of the treatment area, it can take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete a procedure. It can take roughly an hour or more if you want multiple areas treated within a session.

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Contact LoneStar Bariatrics

BodyTite can be a life-changing solution if you are an ideal candidate. If you have stubborn body fat that causes your skin to become loose, contact LoneStar Bariatrics to improve your skin appearance and self-esteem. You can book an appointment online or call one of the best cosmetic professionals to discuss your body contouring goals and desires.

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