Playing in an Empty Stadium: How COVID-19 Affected Sports?

Playing in an Empty Stadium: How COVID-19 Affected Sports?

Players, coaches, and other officials have described it as eerie. Fans have labeled it a huge disappointment. However, this is what a pandemic does: it changes life and how we live it. While many people thought that lockdowns and prohibitions on public gatherings would never become part of their way of life, it did. The sporting industry was dealt a heavy blow when it became apparent that, at worst, seasons would be canceled, and, at best, games would be playing in an empty stadium.

Fan absence

According to fans and teams, every game played since fans stopped attending games due to regulations has been anticlimactic. The deafening silence from the stands makes it hard to drum up that special teams get from cheering fans in the stands. Games wind up lacking the same intensity they would have pre-coronavirus. Even commentators found it hard to muster their usual enthusiasm with no fans there to feed off.


Pa online sports betting saw a massive surge in interest from fans once lockdowns began. People who might not ordinarily have placed a bet did so in the hopes of feeling more connected to the game. Stuck at home watching the game when they would prefer to be in the stadium or at a sports bar with friends has left fans feeling distanced from their favorite teams.

A new normal

After a prolonged stoppage, games resumed in some sporting codes, most notably the Major League Soccer (MLS). All teams reported to Florida, and all games playing in an empty stadium with no fans present. While not training or playing, team members and officials remain quarantined in a local hotel. The psychological effect on players and other team members who miss their loved ones and being at home has taken a considerable toll.

The way ahead

Some sports events are being restarted, and those interested in watching the pros playing golf will soon have something to cheer about. Other sporting codes have decided to move their leagues to a central venue, following in MLS’s footsteps. 

And, as for pa online sports betting, there is a bright future ahead, as companies have shown themselves able to fill a sporting gap when life presented fans with one. With the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) regulating them and issuing licenses, fairness toward bettors will remain a central priority for all service providers.

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