How Sports Are a Goldmine And a Source of Distress

How Sports Are a Goldmine And a Source of Distress

A career in sports promises many rewards and achievements. However, it also comes with its downsides that may leave long-term effects. Sports injuries are unavoidable, but taking the necessary precautions and seeking medical care can prevent the risk of disability. Dr. Lee offers sports medicine Bayonne to treat sports injuries and send you back to the field with minimal risk of conditions such as arthritis.

Sports injuries you should be aware of

You can get sports injuries during a sport or exercise. Children are more vulnerable to these injuries because of their energetic and jumpy nature, but adults are not safe either. You may be more susceptible to sports injuries if you are into contact sports, ignore warm-up exercises, and are often inactive. There are several forms of sports injuries, each with unique symptoms, although pain cuts across all of them.

Athletes can experience knee injuries, strains and sprains, Achilles tendon rupture, and muscle cramps. Advanced sports injuries include fractures and rotator cuff tears. Dr. Lee does not only work on advanced injuries; he also treats minor injuries to prevent further damage during training or competition.

Long term effects of untreated sports injuries

Contact sports like boxing and football involve kicking and blows, and while you may have headgear and helmets, they may not protect you from all the injuries. In contact sports, traumatic brain injuries and concussions aren’t news. While you may get treatment, they may not fix the damage completely. The medical journal Brain suggests that concussions increase the risk of cognitive issues in most athletes.

Sports injuries also increase your risk of arthritis. Your ankles, shoulders, hips, spine, and knees experience more wear and tear during exercise or sports. Strained ligaments and torn cartilages are the most prevalent sports injuries, and according to the National Center for Sports Safety, they contribute significantly to the development of arthritis. All these facts may seem scary, but an alliance with Dr. Lee reduces your risk of future effects such as arthritis.

Treatments for sports injuries

Most people trust the RICE treatment regimen; rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This treatment primarily works for mild injuries, and to obtain excellent results, apply within the first 36 hours after getting the injury. The RICE method minimizes swelling, pain, and bruising.

But, if your injury is extreme, you may need medical intervention. If you experience instability, crunching, or popping sounds in your joints, severe pain, swelling, and deformities, it may be time to inform your doctor. Also, visit the nearest emergency room if you experience dizziness, difficulty breathing, or have a fever. Your doctor may also recommend surgery and physical therapy for severe sports injuries.

If you are struggling from the effects of an old sports injury, Dr. Lee can also help. Many assume that the RICE method works for all injuries, but sometimes failing to see your doctor can cause long-term detrimental effects on your body. Your provider may perform a comprehensive physical exam to determine the severity of the injury and its impact before recommending a treatment plan.

Don’t allow sports injuries to ruin your career when you access excellent sports medicine services by calling Dr. Lee or booking your spot online.

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