How to Get Creative with Your Cardio Routine

How to Get Creative with Your Cardio Routine

Working out and implementing cardio into your everyday routine is a great way to remain healthy while staying in shape at any age. While working out is necessary for longevity, it can become extremely boring, tedious, and monotonous if there is no creativity involved in planning your workout routines. Getting a bit creative with your cardio routine is a great way to make the most out of your time while enjoying yourself.

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Mix Up Your Routine Each Day

Mixing up your cardio routine each day is one of the best ways to prevent your workouts from getting old and becoming stale too quickly. Change up the type of cardio exercises you do to avoid creating a monotonous workout that is anything but appealing.

Mix in various types of squats, jumping jacks, running, walking, and sprinting along with ab-centric workouts and crunches. Complete sets of 5, 10, or 20 when working out specific areas of your body followed by sprints or high intensity runs to change things up a bit when you are working out. The more variety you add to your cardio routines, the more you are likely to look forward to getting active.

Change Your Workout Times Around

Rather than always sticking to the same workout times each day, consider switching them around or breaking up your workout times. If you workout each morning for two hours, consider breaking up your time in half or even into quarters, spreading your cardio routine throughout your day and making the workout itself less daunting and exhausting.

Breaking up your workout times is a great way to make the most out of small amounts of time without feeling drained, exhausted, or overwhelmed at the thought of attempting an entire cardio workout at once.

How to Get Creative with Your Cardio Routine run

Use a Downloadable Fitness App

Download and use a fitness app using your smartphone to track calories, your diet, and exercise you complete each day. Use fitness apps to watch and follow videos of new exercises to implement into your cardio regimen each day. Check-in and track your food as well as the exercise you complete each day to remain motivated and disciplined when following a healthy diet.

Listen to Music

If you are in need of motivation for your cardio routine, listen to some of your favorite pop, rock, and high-energy songs. Create customized playlists and join online groups to learn more about the top running music playlists and playlists available for high and low-intensity cardio workouts. Music is a great tool to keep individuals motivated and energized while helping to mitigate boredom during workouts, regardless of their length.

Try Local Classes

Attend local cardio classes if they are available near you and do so with a friend or loved one if you are seeking additional support and motivation. Local classes help you to meet others with like-minded interests and a desire to remain fit and healthy while also providing you with an atmosphere that is energetic and motivating.

Local classes are ideal if you prefer to workout with others around and greatly benefit from the motivation offered by class leaders and instructors.

Find Workout Buddies

Finding a workout buddy is a great way to increase motivation when sticking to a regular cardio routine. When you have a workout buddy it is much harder to stop attending classes or cancel gym plans if you have a commitment to a friend. Working out with friends is also a way to break up the monotony of exercising alone and without any social interaction.

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Get Competitive With Workout Challenges

Get competitive with workout challenges if your workout buddy is up for it. Challenge one another with different routines and by pushing your limits with the most stubborn areas of your bodies. Having a friend involved with the challenge adds to the fun and entertainment factor of working out.

Join Online Groups for Inspiration

There are thousands of groups online readily available to join when you are interested in exercising, staying fit, and getting creative with your cardio routine. Use online groups for new cardio routine ideas and to learn more about challenges that are appealing to you.

Getting a bit creative with your cardio routine is ideal when you begin to feel bored and unmotivated while staying fit and disciplined with your routine each day. The more fun and joy you are able to integrate into your cardio workout routines, the easier it becomes to stick to exercising without falling off of the wagon or becoming entirely disinterested in it.

By Hannah Moses a contributing author for Rhino Sports & Leisure, LLC

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