Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Radon 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Radon 

A significant number of health risks can arise if you neglect essential elements. People often neglect their health and wellbeing until the severity of an illness or sickness becomes high. You should always pay close attention to your health and well-being. Another element people often neglect is radon levels in their homes. 

If you are worried about the dangerous levels of radon, you should consider a home radon test. For people unaware of radon, it is a hazardous, radioactive gas that can increase the chances of lung cancer and other health problems. 

Natural ways to get rid of radon. 

  • Ventilation

The most effective and natural way to eliminate radon from your home is by paying close attention to your home’s ventilation. Ventilation plays a crucial role in reducing the dangerous radon levels in your home. The lowest level of your house should be adequately ventilated. 

For instance, you should ensure that your house’s basement or crawl space is ventilated. Radon can be found in the basement or your home’s foundation. You can also contact a professional and have them close the crawl space or fix the slab foundation as it is more cost-effective. 

You can open all the windows of your home and create an area of breeze to flow through effectively. Radon can likely dissipate or dissolve in the air. By opening windows and ensuring ventilation, you can eliminate radon naturally. 

  • Cracks 

Radon can get inside your house by entering from cracks and holes. These cracks and holes can be found in the foundation of your home, basement, and flooring. It would help if you first narrowed down all the cracks and holes. Once done, seal them with caulk or epoxy sealant. It could be challenging to find each crack or hole and fix them. However, fixing the ones which could be easily found can get the job done. After completing these steps, you can eliminate radon naturally. By sealing cracks and holes, you can expect to significantly reduce the dangerous radon levels. 

  • Mitigation System and radon testing

This method might not be natural to some extent, but it could prove to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate radon. Conducting radon tests at your home and installing mitigation systems can be practical, helpful, and effective. 

You can experience significant differences when proceeding with this step. If you need easy access and inexpensive methods, you can also purchase radon test kits. These kits can help you to conduct tests on your own, send the results to a lab, and fix the radon levels. 


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