Optimize Your General Wellness With Primary Care

Optimize Your General Wellness With Primary Care

Having a medical caregiver you can trust means that you always have someone who can help you live a whole life and achieve your long-term and short-term health goals. Your primary care South Charleston services provider, Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc promotes your quality of life by optimizing your general health and well-being.

Primary care services you can benefit from

Primary care refers to a branch of medicine that focuses on improving your general health and well-being. Primary care providers offer their patients access to resources and information to optimize their health outcomes. These doctors have a broad knowledge of social, physical, and psychological ailments that may interfere with their patients’ lives. Primary care focuses on the general functioning of your body rather than dealing with a specific organ or disease. It prioritizes the quality of your life by solving existing or potentially present illnesses.

 The Patel & Patel M.D., Inc. team’s primary care services include senior care, medication management, sports medicine issues, annual wellness exams, chronic disease evaluation and management, and specialist referrals. Additionally, they offer work, sports, and school physicals. The primary care providers can also treat minor infections such as urinary tract infections, colds, coughs, and the flu.

The importance of primary care

Everyone desires medical care that understands their medical needs and can help them manage and prevent diseases. Primary care is meant to be your primary source of health care. It also allows you to build a relationship with a provider whom you can trust and feel free to discuss your health concerns. Having a tight relationship with your provider also allows you o share your family medical history without worrying about confidentiality. Primary care is meant to lower your costs, improve your health and general wellness and offer better access to medical resources.

Additionally, your provider can detect diseases early during routine examinations and prevent them from developing into severe illnesses. Many people claim that having a primary care provider is more convenient and less expensive than going to the emergency room. It is also a less time-consuming option to address minor injuries and acute illnesses. According to medical experts, people with a primary caregiver are healthier and spend less on medical requirements.

Choosing the right primary care practitioner

There are several primary care practitioners, each with unique medical skills. For instance, family physicians are trained to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases in people of all ages, including older adults and children. They can offer a wide range of services, including minor surgery and immunizations. Geriatricians are medical experts trained to optimize older adults’ health. They can provide medical care depending on your age-related condition or specialize your treatment to cater your all your medical concerns. Nurse practitioners have vast knowledge in preventing and diagnosing various medical conditions. They can also develop treatment plans, help you manage your general care, and prescribe medications.

Prioritizing your care is essential, and you can begin your journey to a healthy, happy life by calling the Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. office or booking your spot online.

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