Overcome Obesity With Robot-Assisted Bariatric Surgery

Overcome Obesity With Robot-Assisted Bariatric Surgery

If obesity negatively affects your health or lowers the quality of your life, and medicine, exercise and diet are futile; you may need to consider bariatric surgery. Advanced technology enables the Frisco robotic surgery providers at The Bariatric Experts to perform minimally invasive surgery with minimal side effects and complications. Don’t allow obesity to dictate your life when you can eliminate excess weight through a minimally invasive procedure.

What does a robot-assisted surgery involve?

The Bariatric Experts have acquired a state-of-art da Vinci Surgical System XI that allows the doctors to perform surgeries with minimal incisions. This technology also provides enhanced precision, control, and vision. With such groundbreaking technology, specialists can offer their patients conventional laparoscopy and open surgery with numerous benefits. Such benefits include minimal blood loss, better clinical outcomes, minimal risk of infection and scarring, and a short recovery time with the ability to resume daily activities.

Robotic surgery reduces the risk of complications when treating medical conditions affecting your prostate, heart, bladder, and digestive system. This technology comprises a surgical console where your surgeon controls the equipment, surgical arms that correct your medical disorder, and a special camera that provides magnified 3D images of the treatment site.

What to expect during a robotic surgery

During the surgery, the team utilizes the computed console in the operating room to guide the arms of the robot. The 3D camera at the end of the fourth arm magnifies the treatment site enhancing your surgeon’s vision. The robotic arms follow the movements of the wrist, fingers, and hands of your surgeon.

The risks associated with bariatric surgery

The Bariatric Experts team may perform a comprehensive physical exam during your initial appointment to determine your eligibility for bariatric surgery. Your results and health history may determine the possible complications and predict the likely outcome of the surgery. The team may educate you on bariatric surgery’s benefits and risks. Bariatric surgery involves stomach reduction surgery (gastric bypass) and duodenal and sleeve gastrectomy switch.

Although bariatric surgery offers many eye-catching benefits, it also has risks you should know. These risks include blood clots, aggressive anesthesia reactions, excess bleeding, and lung problems. There is also a possibility of dying during surgery. The long-term complications of bariatric surgery include acid reflux, bowel obstruction, malnutrition, gallstones, and low blood sugar. Suppose a complication occurs that prompts your surgeon to incorporate other surgical procedures. In that case, you may be at a high risk of complications due to the increased time under anesthesia and more extensive incisions. If you are not eligible for da Vinci Surgery, robotic surgery may not suit you. Your provider educates you extensively and involves you in the decision-making to ensure you understand what you are signing up for. Don’t allow obesity to take control of your life when there is a minimally invasive technique that guarantees excellent results with minimal complications. To explore the benefits of robot-assisted bariatric surgery, call The Bariatric Experts office or book an appointment online today.

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