Periodontists Topics You Should Understand

Periodontists Topics You Should Understand

Several health complications usually accompany our daily activities. Our mouth health is one of the crucial parts of the body, which means that if you have different complications, you will suffer. Teeth problems such as gum problems, decay, crack, or missing teeth can be devastating if not treated. If you have gum complications, you should worry less because the solution lies with Ueno Center Dental Specialists. Now, let’s have a look at periodontist-related topics you should understand.

  1.     Who is a Periodontist?

A periodontist refers to a specialist who treats different problems affecting your gum’s functionality and the mouth’s bone.

  1.     Roles of a Periodontist

A periodontist specializes in several procedures, including avoiding, diagnosing, and treating gum complications. On the other hand, they facilitate you effectively control and manage symptoms of progressing gum issues such as oral inflammation. In most instances, gum disease occurs whenever a tissue in the tissue surrounding your teeth is infected, leading to inflammation. If you are experiencing advanced gum disease, also called periodontitis, it is integral to look for more extensive treatment where you need a periodontist.

  1.     Surgical and Nonsurgical Techniques Used When Treating Periodontists
  2.           Nonsurgical Procedures

This method comprises scaling and root planing techniques that eliminate plaque and tartar within the gum line. During the process, the procedures may be combined with antimicrobial or antibiotic medication based on the extent of the situation. Besides, the periodontist may recommend a tray of a delivery system that you will be required to wear while at home.

  1.           Surgical Procedures

Did you know that gingivitis and periodontitis lead to gum receding, exposing your tooth? Now you know if you did not know. The periodontist can perform a gum craft where they take tissue from your mouth’s roof and apply it to cover the receded gum line. A healthy gum line is crucial in stopping tooth decay, decreasing sensitivity and pain, and enhancing your smile.

Other surgical treatments can be executed. They include:

  •         Laser treatments
  •         Dental Implants
  •         Dental crown
  •         Regenerative procedures
  1.     Education Background and Training

Usually, a periodontist’s learning process starts with dental school. They obtain a doctor of dental surgery or doctor of medicine in dentistry degree at the institution. As soon you graduate, you are expected to continue with specialized training. The process of learning requires you to complete:

  1.     Four years of dental school
  2.     Three years residency in periodontics
  3.     Written and oral exam to ensure you are certified with the American Board of Periodontology
  4.     Why Should You See A Periodontist?

In some cases, your general dentists can effectively treat some of the gum complications. However, if your gum disease worsens or you have a complex case, the dentist should refer you to a periodontist. The following are some of the popular gum disease symptoms you should see a periodontist when they occur.

  •         Swollen Gums
  •         Bleeding gums
  •         Bad breath
  •         Challenges when chewing

Over time, if you have gum inflammation, they can form pockets surrounding your teeth which weaken teeth leading to more sensitivity. Also, if you have challenges when chewing, make an appointment today with Ueno Center Dental Specialists located in Campbell, California. Call their offices or book online to get started with your treatment program.

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