Portugal, as one of the most tourist countries in the world

Portugal, as one of the most tourist countries in the world

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What attracts tourists to Portugal? What is a must-visit if you are planning a trip? Simple tips on how to build your route.

How to plan a trip to Portugal?

This republic is located on the outskirts of Western Europe, off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are many suns (almost 300 days a year), and winter temperatures are rarely below zero. The area is rich in the magnificent architecture of the Middle Ages, and the cuisine and wines will satisfy the picky gourmet. Country Helper is a handy tool to learn more about this beautiful country, its history, cooking, and events. Thanks to this platform, you can build your route.

When to go?

May to October is the best time: no precipitation, and t = 26 … 30С. But the water can be cold.

But surfing is suitable for any period, but the winter season is better for professionals – the water is cold, and the waves are.

Winter is plentiful with rains, and t = 15C, so if such weather is not a joy for you, then spring, summer, and autumn are for you.

Depending on the season of the trip, you will have the opportunity to visit the brightest holidays:

  • Freedom Day – April 25 in Lisbon;
  • Umbrella Day – all July in Agueda;
  • Festival of psychedelic music – held once every 2 years after July 20 in the village of Idanya-a-Nova;
  • Festival of the Middle Ages – from the second half of July to the first half of August in Obidos;
  • Independence Day – December 1 in Lisbon.

If at least one of the events falls on your tourist trip, it will leave an unforgettable impression because they know how to celebrate here.

What is recommended to visit?

You will discover a considerable heritage of the culture of previous generations, which is displayed in architectural buildings. In this regard, the sights were included in the UNESCO list: city centers, parks, buildings, archaeological sites, and even landscapes.

Let’s take a look at some of these places.

Palace in Obidos

This palace is one of the most revered by the population. It is built on a hill and is notable for its battlements. It was erected in the XIII century, and to our time, it has been preserved in its original form. For hundreds of years, the castle has been used for royal celebrations.

Pena Palace in Sintra

It stands in the mountains near Sintra. Initially, it was a monastery built in the XII century but fell into disrepair over time. And only in the XVI century began its reconstruction by order of the king. In this form, it existed for 200 years until a terrible earthquake destroyed it. In 1838 it was rebuilt as a residence for kings.

Lisbon Oceanarium

It strikes the imagination with its size. Watching the life of fish is extremely interesting. Moreover, this is not just an oceanarium; inside, there are educational sectors of marine biology and oceanography, where lectures are held that will interest not only adults but also children. Its peculiarity is that it stands right on the water. It has been operating since 1998. It has about 500 varieties of inhabitants of the deep sea and 4 thematic zones for the oceans.

Alto Douro (place of winemaking art)

Famous vineyards are grown on the Alto Douro plain. It is an old wine region. Port wine made from these grape varieties has its unique taste, obtained due to the chemical composition of the soil, the surrounding nature, and the skill of winemakers. This wine-growing valley’s magnificent landscape will delight the tourist’s eye.

Coa river valley

It is a 17 km long gallery of rock paintings, an “open” archaeological site surrounded by nature. The images date back to 22,000 – 10,000 BC and are the oldest human creations ever found in any part of our planet. This legacy was discovered in 1992 near Vila Nova de Foz Coa.

Peneda Park – Geres

It will see beautiful mountain landscapes, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and dense vegetation.

And this is the only reserve.

From the animal world, roe deer, wolves, brown bears, bulls, mountain goats, and many other animals live here.

The plant world will surprise you with its diversity and lush greenery.

University of Coimbra

It is the oldest university – it was founded in 1290. It became a “model” for the further architectural heritage of the city: the Paço das Eshkolash Palace, the Joanina Library, the Botanical Garden, the Grace and Jesus Colleges, etc.

Monastery of the Order of Christ (Tomar)

The Monastery and Castle of the Knights Templar reflect the history of centuries. They show Romanesque art, symbols of the Templars, the Gothic style, and elements of the Renaissance. And the ornament is made in the Baroque style. The monastery was built in the XII century for the Knights Templar.

Praia da Marina beach

Such a beach is for those who prefer silence and solitude – it is located away from the infrastructure. This secluded corner (the Algarve region) has a beautiful landscape, clean air, and the indescribable beauty of the sky. Due to the influence of water and winds, many rocky islands of various shapes are off the coast. This place is well-maintained. There is a cafe, and you can rent equipment for water and underwater walks.


For centuries, the cuisine has been shaped by fishermen and peasants. Therefore, the dishes are hearty but easy to prepare.

The main advantage is the variety of seafood, so most dishes are from them. The cafe will offer mussels, crabs, crayfish, shrimp, various types of fish, and much more.

Here’s what’s worth tasting:

  • Bacalao is a dried and heavily salted fish;
  • Ameyzhuash-a-balyau-patu – from mussels, spices, and olive oil;
  • Feijoada – baked beans with meat;
  • Kuzidu – from chicken, pork, beef, and smoked meats;
  • Sopa de Pedro – prepared with pig’s ear, sausage, beans, and vegetables.

Check out patisseries and coffee shops for great sweets like biscuits, almond balls, nougat, and powdered egg yolks.

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