Sclerotherapy Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Sclerotherapy Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

You may be bothered by and feel self-conscious about your appearance if you have varicose or spider veins. This consequence increases your chances of having other complications, such as open sores and a blood clot in your legs. Leg veins are caused by the deterioration of small valves in your veins. While pumping blood to the heart, the veins will encounter increased pressure. As a result, the vein walls swell and weaken. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with sclerotherapy. You will be evaluated prior to your sclerotherapy Glen Rock treatment to establish the source of the problem. Let’s go through all you should know about sclerotherapy.

Why do you get spider and varicose veins?

Spider and varicose veins appear for a variety of reasons. Some people are at a higher risk if they have a blood family who has the condition. However, many people in society develop these issues as a result of sitting or standing for long extended periods of time without exercising.

Spider and varicose veins can also develop as a result of age and pregnancy. These veins can also develop as a result of an injury, exposure to sunshine, or hormonal changes.

How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Sclerotherapy is quickly becoming the most popular treatment option for leg veins. Over the years, there has been a substantial development in how sclerotherapy is utilized to treat patients, making this technique safer for patients and providing better results.

What happens during the sclerotherapy procedure?

A chemical will be injected into your varicose or spider vein, causing the chemical reaction to irritate the vein walls. This drug is injected into the affected vein in several locations.

Following the injection, your dermatologist will massage the region and provide you with compression socks to wear on both legs.

You will be observed for a length of time before being allowed to return home. To avoid adverse effects, it is recommended that you engage in daily workouts such as walking and follow all of the recommendations for wearing the compression stocking. Most patients wear the stocking for two to three weeks.

The next day after the therapy, you can resume your normal routine.

The goal of sclerotherapy is to stop blood flow by causing the vein walls to stay together. As a result, this enhances blood circulation within the treated leg and reduces edema.

If you have spider veins, they will disappear after three to six weeks of treatment. Varicose veins, on the other hand, will take three to four months to recover.

It would be beneficial to have two or three more treatments to achieve a superior treatment result that will completely collapse a vein. Your doctor will conduct this treatment without an aesthetic during an office visit.

You will also need to attend your follow-up sessions for the doctor to check for blood tests or potential imaging, as well as how the sclerotherapy is progressing.

If you have spider or varicose veins that are causing itching, swelling, pain, night cramps, burning, and your legs feeling heavy or fatigued Call the office or make an appointment to discuss your problem and get the help you need to get your legs back to normal.

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