The Dental Crown Broke: What to Do?

The Dental Crown Broke: What to Do?

A dental crown, often referred to as a dental cap, is a common dental restoration that is designed to protect and strengthen a damaged tooth. While dental crowns are known for their durability, there are occasions when they can become damaged or even break. In this article, we shall explore what to do when faced with a broken dental crown and how to effectively address this issue. 

First of all, maintain composure! Discovering a broken dental crown can indeed be disconcerting, but it is paramount to maintain composure. A broken dental crown is a dental concern that is typically amenable to resolution with professional dental care.

After that you need to rinse your oral cavity. Employ a gentle rinse of your mouth with lukewarm water to cleanse the area and remove any remnants of the crown or debris. This practice not only ensures oral hygiene but also diminishes the likelihood of infection or irritation of the exposed tooth. 

Now you can to assess the extent of damage. Begin by examining the damaged dental crown. Ascertain the nature and extent of the damage – is it a minor chip, a noticeable fracture, or has the crown become entirely dislodged? Gaining an understanding of the damage will assist you in conveying pertinent information to your dentist. If the dental crown has come off and remains intact, carefully preserve it in a secure place. There is a possibility that your dentist can reattach it, so it is imperative to keep it clean and free from contaminants.

The most important step: Without delay, get in touch with your dentist to schedule an appointment for crown repair or replacement. Furnish a comprehensive description of the situation so that your dentist can evaluate the urgency of the matter. In certain cases, a dentist may be able to offer a same-day appointment for emergencies.

In any times, to need to have exercise caution with food. Post the occurrence of a dental crown breakage, exercise vigilance with the foods you consume. Abstain from hard, sticky, or crunchy foods that could further jeopardise the integrity of the tooth or any remaining portion of the crown.

It is crucial to bear in mind that each instance of a broken dental crown is distinct, and the dentist will formulate the most appropriate course of action based on various considerations, including the condition of the underlying tooth and the crown itself.

In summary, the fracture or dislodgment of a dental crown can be a disconcerting occurrence. However, by taking prompt action and seeking professional dental care, it can be effectively addressed. Maintain your composure, observe essential precautions to safeguard the affected tooth, and solicit the guidance of a qualified dentist to ensure the optimal preservation of your oral health. Your dentist will collaborate with you to reinstate the dental crown, thereby preserving the integrity of your smile and dental well-being.

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