The Mission and Vision of the Travel Nurses Association

The Mission and Vision of the Travel Nurses Association

ATHNA’s Mission and Vision Statement are “To advance the professional practice of travel health nursing.” The organization seeks to promote the certification of travel nurses. The Travel Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, First Edition, is announced by the ANA, which has recognized it as a specialty. Other plans for the organization include establishing a Communications Task Force and a major revision of the ATHNA website. The association will also work to implement an auto-registration process and member messaging capabilities.


The Travel Nurse Across America business ethics policy sets standards for the organization and its employees. Employees are held accountable for upholding the policy and must adhere to it.

The policy will be provided to all Travel Nurse Across America employees, published on the company’s intranet, and incorporated into future employment contracts. It will be regularly monitored as part of the organization’s compliance processes.

Furthermore, it will be reviewed yearly to ensure that it remains up to date.

The organization promotes the values of the travel nurses community, including the right to health, safety, and quality care. It also promotes personal health and safety and highlights issues of particular concern to specific populations. It also serves as a conduit for integrating social justice and evidence-based practice. In addition, it provides access to the latest clinical updates, conferences, and specialized standing orders for nurses.


Membership in the American Travel Health Nurses Association (ATHNA) provides members with support, education, advocacy, and networking opportunities. The travel nurses association also works to advance travel health nursing through research and education. The organization has more than 1500 members from all over the world. Its mission is to promote the profession and promote excellence in travel health nursing. However, the organization has needed help delivering educational content to its members, particularly given its geographic diversity and scheduling issues.

As a result, many nurses have become enraged and have urged their supporters to call their representatives in Congress to protect their payment schedules. Many travel nurses have also taken to message boards and social media sites to support their pay schedules.

Networking as a travel nurse

Networking as a travel nurse means developing contacts and sharing information. Many nurses build their connections at medical facilities. While storing these contacts on your phone can be tempting, it is essential to back up this valuable information. You can use cloud services or phone backup services to make backups. You can even join an online group where travel nurses share information.

Networking as a travel nurse also means attending job fairs. These events bring hiring managers and recruiters together to find temporary jobs.

Values of ATHNA

The Values of ATHNA embody excellence, creativity, initiative, talent, and the energy to help women achieve their full potential. These values are applied to women’s lives in the community. The Athena organization is dedicated to assisting women to reach their full potential and improve their community. They believe that these values can be applied to society as a whole.

Values of NATHO

The National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO) is a premier organization for travel nurses. The organization provides networking and educational opportunities to its members. The association also promotes a national licensure model for the nursing shortage. It is just one example of how NATHO protects travel nurses’ rights.

NATHO members are held to a strict code of ethics. This code of ethics was developed specifically for the Travel Healthcare industry and is a valuable guideline for the organization’s members.

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