Top 4 CoolSculpting Advantages

Top 4 CoolSculpting Advantages

Body contouring is not always easy because it is more than weight loss. This is because the burnt fat is not much in your control even after exercise and dietary measures. You could be dealing with stubborn fat deposits in particular areas which won’t go away despite your efforts, remaining disciplined and committed. With Brooklyn, NY aesthetician, you can pursue more options, including CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-surgical fat-freezing procedure. The process entails controlled cooling, which kills the fat cells in the target area without affecting the surrounding tissue or skin, a process referred to as cryolipolysis. Among the top reasons to consider CoolSculpting include:


CoolSculpting offers a targeted fat reduction solution, allowing you to address isolated areas that don’t seem to respond to other measures. The professional places an applicator on the desired area, offering localized fat reduction. After the destruction, your body gradually removes the fat, resulting in a slipper physique. With such precision, you can easily deal with stubborn fat in tricky areas, including getting rid of:

  • Banana roll fat
  • Knee chub
  • Double chin
  • Armpit pooch
  • Abdomen (upper and lower areas)
  • Love handles fat
  • Saddlebags, to mention a few

Safe and fast procedure

You may be thinking that liposuction, too, offers precision; why choose CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is non-surgical, eliminating potential risks and complications. Any surgical procedure comes with concerns like the potential to develop an infection, bleeding, or anesthesia reaction, to name a few. Moreover, you must take some time off to prepare, have the surgery, and facilitate a smooth recovery. With CoolSculpting, all such concerns are taken out of the equation.

The procedure takes an hour or less following the treatment area. Since it does not include significant side effects, you can return to your routine immediately after treatment. The potential side effects are temporary redness and numbness, but they subside fast and won’t affect your progress. With such a contribution, your demanding schedule won’t stand in your way since you can slop the treatment within a brief window and return to work immediately after the procedure.

Natural-looking results

CoolSculpting destroys the fat in a target area, and your body gets rid of it little by little. This translates to more natural-looking results. You can typically start noticing the changes within four weeks and improve over time. You get desirable results while skipping pain, potential scarring, and risks. With the permanent fat cells being frozen and eliminated, you will enjoy the results for an extended period, making CoolSculpting an effective body contouring solution.

Cost-effective fat reduction

CoolSculpting is an affordable option. While the total cost depends on the treatment areas and their sizes, plus the number of sessions needed, it is cost-effective, especially compared to surgical options.

Your quest to show off your body, rocking your favorite swimsuit, is within reach. CoolSculpting is light on your pocket and schedule and does not expose you to many risks. With a striking physique, you will boost your confidence, making handling other aspects of your life easier. Contact Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center today to learn more about CoolSculpting.

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