Types of Corporate Sites

Types of Corporate Sites

Corporate websites are an excellent tool for promoting your business. What types of corporate sites the modern agencies offer? Which is better suited to your company? What results to expect?

What Are Corporate Sites and Why You May Need Them?

Corporate sites can solve many tasks related to promoting and creating your company’s image. Thanks to the launch of a corporate website, it will be much easier to announce yourself to the world and find potential customers because Internet marketing brings much more benefits than good old physical advertising. But in addition to the basic functionality, there are also specialized corporate sites. What types of websites to choose from? SECL Group experts are here to figure it out and answer all the questions.

Types of Corporate Sites

Corporate sites can be divided into three types, each with its specific purpose and certain functionality that will benefit your company. Types of corporate sites are as follows:

Corporate Business Card Site

A corporate business card site is an excellent solution for young companies with innovative ideas or aesthetic products. The primary weapon of such an Internet resource is its appearance because it is what, first of all, catches and interests the company’s potential client.

  • Such a site can consist of several pages or one page at all, and the main thing is that the appearance and content posted on this resource are of maximum interest to users.
  • To interest the user and convince him of the need to leave an application or call is the primary goal of the business card site.
  • A business card site must have the company’s contacts, the main idea, and a short history of the appearance of your project.
  • In addition to this information, you can also place several beautiful photos of your products. This approach will increase users’ interest and expand the circle of your potential customers.

To create a successful business card website, you should pay maximum attention to this Internet resource’s design. It should not be manageable with unnecessary information, be minimalistic and at the same time, meet all the trends of the current year’s website design. This approach will increase users’ interest because, as we know, the first thing a consumer falls in love with is appearance, followed by product characteristics or service details.

Corporate Site-Catalog

A corporate catalog site has approximately the same goals as a business card site but slightly different tools for achieving them.

Unlike business card sites, catalogs sites are more voluminous, they can have many pages, and such sites perform several functions simultaneously. Catalog sites attract the attention of your potential customers. Still, they are also an online product catalog and a communication channel with your company’s managers.

In addition to presenting your company’s products or services and attracting potential customers’ attention to your company, the site catalog is also a communication channel between potential buyers and managers of your company. Feedback forms and online chats with company managers are frequent elements of similar Internet resources.

The main tasks of such a site are not just to attract users’ attention to your company but to transform an interested user into a client of the company. For this, such sites use aesthetic photos of the company’s products, and their descriptions are written in compliance with all the requirements of SEO adaptation. A catalog site can significantly increase your turnover and overall interest in your brand, but only if it is designed correctly.

Corporate Information Portal

This corporate Internet resource is mainly used by organizations that provide consumer training and various courses. The main task of such a site is not to sell but to present your product. Such platforms are often created as thematically as possible so that the user realizes he has come to professionals on the first visit. If he needs the services of this company, he can have no doubts about the quality of their provision.

An excellent example of corporate sites or information portals can be called many Internet resources presenting foreign language schools. Everything, from the items on the menu to the design of this kind of Internet resource, is directed to foreign languages.

Often, such sites use backgrounds in the form of flags or beautiful views of countries whose languages the user can learn by ordering a course or enrolling in a given language school.

  • To successfully promote this kind of resource, observing a fine line between information overload and practical application of the presented information is necessary.
  • A user should have no doubts about the professionalism of your specialists.
  • Offer such bonuses as diplomas with the level of language knowledge indicated on them, or in some cases, even the provision of work, sales, and first-visit sales. Everything depends on the specifics of your company’s work.

One way or another, websites and information portals are mainly aimed at obtaining location and loyalty from the consumer. If a potential customer can answer all his questions after reading the information on your corporate information portal, then the resource was designed correctly, and the consumer, with a high probability, will soon become your customer.

How to Create a Corporate Site?

Suppose your business needs a high-quality information portal, and you have been looking for real professionals in your field for a long time. In that case, SECL Group will help you launch the ideal resource for your company. The company provides a full range of services related to the production, design, and launch of Internet resources for various businesses. Specialists of the web studio can create a turnkey corporate website for you, by all your requirements and wishes.

Your company’s corporate website is the first thing your potential client sees. To achieve the maximum result from the launch of such a resource, you need to decide which type of corporate site is suitable for your business.

Having made the right choice, you can be sure of the promotion of the services provided by your company and the further growth of your company’s income. To ensure the launch of a corporate resource for your company and save time on endless edits, give your preference to specialists when planning the launch of such a resource.

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