Unlock the Secrets to a Streak-Free Sunless Tan

Unlock the Secrets to a Streak-Free Sunless Tan

Are you unable to check out that streak free sunless tanning salon with an automated spray tanning booth yet? Are you not ready to step out of your house like before? We feel you, girl!

With this all pandemic situation, most of us have a hard time getting life back on track. From get-togethers to oversee vacation, birthday parties to dine-outs, we can’t enjoy these events like before. Even going to the spa or tanning salon doesn’t feel like usual.

If you are missing your spray tan sessions and still want to ensure you have that naturally-glowing skin, you can take matters into your own hands. By which we mean self-tanning products.

With tons of practical and easy to use streak free sunless tanning products available in the market, you can achieve that bronzed skin tone on your own. However, you will need some essential tips (all covered here) to ensure you don’t mess you tan color.

Tip #1: Use Self-Tanner on Your Face

Facial tanning can be a challenge for people who are self-tanning for the first time. Facial tanning is crucial as it can significantly affect your overall look. Facial tanning can make you look younger, and you’re skin look healthy and refreshed. There are various self-tanners available in the market that adds the color immediately or gradually. When opting for a facial tanner, choose the one that complements your skin tone.

Tip #2: Self-Tan Your Body

Tanning the body is not an easy feat. As a rule of thumb, one should start applying the tanner from the bottom. First, spray the tanning mist or bronzer on both of your limbs. Use the tanner over the shin and gradually go down to the calf. Now sweep the tanner further down to your ankle and toes. Once your legs are adequately covered in tan solution, move upward. Apply the tan to your thighs from front to back. Don’t forget to cover your keens with enough tan solution adequately. Next, apply the self-tanner to your buttocks, stomach, and torso. Now, cover your shoulders and arms.

Most bronzers and self-tanning products require time to set and develop. Thus, it’s best to avoid putting on any clothes or hitting the shower soon after applying self-tanner. If you are preparing for a big event, use the tanner one night before. When taking a shower, don’t exfoliate or scrub as it can wash off your tan solution. To add that healthy glow to your skin, apply moisturizer.

Tip #5: Visit salons offering UV tanning near me

We all want that flawless and naturally-looking tanned skin tone. If you don’t want to use self-tanning products or bronzers, it’s best to head to tanning salons for professional help. While sunless tanning services offered in salons can be high priced, you can rest assured of getting a professionally tanned body. The services provided in the tan salon can vary from tan levels or techniques. The aesthetician can also recommend you tanning solutions as per your needs.

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