Ways to Maximize Fat Transfer Results

Ways to Maximize Fat Transfer Results

Body contouring improves confidence by creating an hourglass figure; innovation in the beauty industry has made the procedure safe and effective. You can transfer fat into the buttocks or breasts if you have fat in unsightly areas like the belly and underarms. However, you should find a Sandy Springs fat transfer specialist who can harvest the fats through liposuction and re-inject it into the desired areas. Your body will reabsorb 30% of the transferred fats within a year; this fat will start behaving like the other fat in the body. The other fat which is rejected by the body will be eliminated naturally. You can maximize fat survival after fat transfer with these tips.

Wear Loose Clothing

You should wear loose clothing over the recipient area; the loose clothes will increase the absorption rate. However, during the first few days after the fat transfer, the doctor will recommend compression garments that support the area; the fat injected into the buttocks and breast might lead to swelling and soreness, and the compression garments reduce the swelling and discomfort. Therefore, you should ensure you wear the compression garments correctly to get proper support.

Avoid Sleeping On, Or Exerting Pressure On the Treated Area

You should not exert pressure on the treated area; you may avoid sleeping on the back if you inject fat in the buttocks, as sleeping on the back exerts pressure on the treated site. Moreover, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach to improve breast augmentation results. Exerting pressure on this area might result in unnecessary fat reabsorption leading to undesirable results. Sometimes the surgeon will provide suitable pillows, which ensure the patient does not sleep on the treated site, and you should ask them how to avoid pressing the site. You might need to stand when performing tasks after a butt lift or on a unique chair that does not exert pressure on the buttocks.

Avoid Smoking

The newly injected fat cells should connect with the blood supply; thus, the blood should be free from impurities like nicotine found in cigarettes. The blood should supply enough nutrients and oxygen, and you can increase the supply by avoiding cigarettes.

Eat Healthily

You should eat healthily after fat transfer to increase the chances of better reabsorption. The fat cells will need the energy to reabsorb into the treatment area and get this energy from the food source. You should eat nutrient-dense food containing healthy fats that optimize the body’s long-term connection to the transferred fat.


You should rest soon after the fat transfer; resting will heal the wounds after liposuction and allow the fat cells to reabsorb into the treated site. However, your therapist will develop slow and gradual exercises that ensure the reinjected fat cells function like normal fat cells. Moreover, exercises foster better health, increase joint motion range and improve healing.

Fat transfer allows people to create a silhouette body and removes unsightly fat from the belly and the underarms. Your surgeon should employ the proper liposuction techniques to remove the fat from these areas and inject it into the breast and buttocks. However, you should practice techniques to maximize fat transfer results like resting, using compression stockings, exercises, and avoiding exerting pressure on the treated site.

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