What Happens When You’re Too High?

What Happens When You’re Too High?

It is rare to get too high on Delta-8, because it is much harder to have a negative reaction than with normal Delta-9 THC. It is possible and does happen. There is always a way out. We want to show you how to get down from the heights. These tips are simple to remember and can be used in an emergency.


You can always go a little too far with any substance. How did you get so high on Delta-8? Let’s get to the point. We’ve already mentioned in previous guides that Delta-8, a lower-potency THC, is not as potent as the THC found within marijuana. It doesn’t hit as often. Most users have positive, pleasant experiences with Delta-8 products. Keep in mind, however, that every person is unique and the right combination of products can make a difference.


standard Delta-9

Although Delta-8 is less potent than Delta-9, it may have longer lasting effects. You can expect to experience a ride lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending on the amount of either cannabinoid you take. However, your peak high may only last for a few hours. It is possible to feel a psychoactive high for longer than 12 hours, but everyone is different and our bodies process cannabinoids differently.

It is not common for people to get too high on Delta-8. Knowing what to do if this happens can be difficult. It’s not possible to overdose on Delta-8 like with traditional Delta-9. So, despite any negative reactions, keep in mind that it is unlikely you will be experiencing a medical emergency.

You could experience the following side effects if you consume too much Delta-8:

Delta-8 offers a focus aid for those who have trouble concentrating. You may have taken too many pills if you are having difficulty concentrating.

Too much of a Head/Body High: You could feel too high if you feel too couch-locked, or if you have too intense a head/body high. It can feel like you are in a trance, but it can also feel like you’re trapped on the head. On the body-high side it can feel dazed.

Dry eyes & mouth: This is self-explanatory. Delta-8, a cannabis product can cause dry eyes and cotton-mouth.

Delta-8 is not a fan of grogginess and drowsiness. You may have overdone it if you feel groggy or drowsy. Hemp-derived THC is not known to cause fatigue and brain fog.

You might feel more worried and paranoid if you take too much Delta-8. Although these symptoms may not be as common with Delta-9 products they can still occur if enough Delta-8 is taken.


Although it took us a while to reach this point, we did it! We want you to know that everything is going to be fine. It might seem too high but it is okay. Don’t panic! It’s easier said than done! No worries! These are more tips to help you if your blood pressure is too high.


First, drink water. This is the first step in getting down from being too high.


This may seem easier said than done. Relax. Rest your feet, lay your head down. You can lose yourself in a movie or listen to some music. The more calm you are, the quicker the negative effects of highs will disappear.

  1. Eat something sweet!

It is well-known that eating is an effective way to get sober. Consuming sugary foods such as candy or fruit can help to absorb some of THC’s effects.

  1. Sniff Some Black Pepper

A good way to get off the high horse is to smell black pepper. Beta-caryophyllene is a terpene found in black pepper that can be inhaled to significantly reduce your high.


As we mentioned, you can lose yourself in a movie, or even some music. You can even play a videogame or read a book. Do whatever you can to distract yourself and entertain yourself. Your negative symptoms will be less noticeable the more you try to minimize them.

Delta-8 chocolate bars held by a person

  1. Go for a walk (or at least some fresh air)

Get some fresh air to clear your head. Go for a walk if you feel the need. Take a few steps outside if you can. You will feel calmer if you take a moment to let your mind relax and enjoy the fresh air.

  1. Cuddle up with a furry friend

Even if you don’t have too much Delta-8, this is possible. Show your pet love. Spending time with your furry friend can make your life easier.


No matter whether you are looking for a cold or hot shower, it is important to take a long one. You will feel more awake. Showering high can feel amazing, even if it doesn’t.


Another cannabinoid found in hemp, CBD, could counteract the effects. It all depends on how you take them. To test CBD, you will need to be already under the influence. It could cause an opposite reaction, and give you an entourage effect which enhances both CBD and THC.

  1. Next Time: KNOW YOUR LIMITS

Sometimes it’s easy to think that the longer-lasting edible high is a dud. Perhaps the vape cartridge isn’t working as it should. Other methods take longer to hit than smoking. It is important to be patient while you wait for the Delta-8 high. Dosing up on another dose before the first one is delivered will likely cause the second dose to compound faster than the first. This can lead you to getting too high on Delta-8.

Knowing your limits will help you avoid having to ask what to do if it gets too high. You can avoid going overboard in the future by learning your limits.

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