Why does the immune system fail?

Why does the immune system fail?

It is still difficult to say precisely why it all happens and why even the young immune system feels depressed.

Nevertheless, such factors as long-term stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and sleep, poor ecology have a real negative impact on our health and well-being.

However, the latest advanced researches show that epitalon successfully maintains stable work of the immune system using synthetically-derived pineal gland peptide called epitalon (https://nanopep.net/ ). The pineal gland is the main regulatory gland of the endocrine system that produces that vital peptide and essential hormones.

History throwback

During 1970 the prominent Soviet scientists Khavinson V. was focused on how to receive peptides of the pineal gland of young animals to conduct a comprehensive study. These long-lasting researches enabled him to claim that pineal gland peptides given to old animals increased their life span by up to 25-40%. The vast percentage difference can be explained by the fact that every living species have their resource.

Having this fact, scientists wanted to know what the effect pineal peptides would have on old human beings. Such an experiment was held in the Ukrainian Institute of Gerontology. There were 79 people age from 60 to 69 years, all having coronary heart disease. Thirty-nine patients were obligated to take synthetically-derived pineal gland peptides – epitalon, while the rest received ordinary vitamins. The experiment lasted for 15 years. The pineal gland peptide group had lost 13 patients, while the other one – 24. Moreover, the first group also experienced the improvement of their biological age. In other words, these short amino acids do not prolong life; they improve the work of all body cells, which leads to more extended life.

Longevity hormone

The primary pineal gland hormone is melatonin that regulates sleep-wake cycles. It is so vital that it even called youth hormone. What other functions perform melatonin in the human body:

  1. blood pressure regulation;
  2. the decrease in physical, emotional and intellectual activity;
  3. sexual maturation slowdown;
  4. aging process slowdown;
  5. enhance the immune system’s correct work.

Here is an interesting fact – melatonin level analysis is used to find out the biological level of an individual.

How to use peptides to improve human’s health?

As a rule, peptides can be taken in the form of food supplements. To avoid confusion: most food supplements do not cure anything, while the short amino acids’ central role is to recover the protein synthesis. This form of production was chosen to make peptide available to as many people as possible.

The intake of pineal gland peptides can be recommended to normalize the human’s pineal gland work, and the whole endocrine system work at the cellular level. It fixes any hormone problems that humans can have. Plus, it enhances the immune system by increasing the length of telomeres and improving protein synthesis.

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