Wound Care and All It Entails

Wound Care and All It Entails

As you handle your daily activities, it is normal to get into accidents or injuries despite your carefulness. The body is well-equipped to handle these issues such that you do not notice some of them. However, any injury or accident causing a wound should not be ignored but rather handled with care due to the risk of infection. This has led to the formation and spread of Bakersfield wound care services. This subsection of healthcare has given special attention to infection-causing wounds; more about the service is highlighted below.

What is wound care?

This involves dealing with an open wound that results from an injury concerning internal or external damage to body tissue, primarily associated with the skin. This experience is typical for most people; many are well equipped to deal with these minor issues.

Accidents involving sharp substances, falls, or motor vehicle accidents are the most typical causes of these wounds. Wound care deals with these problems as swiftly as possible, avoiding infections. This is especially necessary if the bleeding is excessive or lasts more than fifteen minutes.

Open wounds can be classified into multiple categories, such as:


This is a deep tearing or cut on your skin. This can be due to accidents with tools, knives, or machinery causing these lacerations on the regular. If these lacerations are too deep, they can cause extensive and rapid bleeding that can become fatal if not addressed as soon as possible.


This happens when the skin scrapes or rubs against a hard or rough place. An example of abrasion is road rash. These issues do not typically bleed a lot, but avoiding infection requires comprehensive cleaning and scrubbing.


This is a complete or partial tear of the skin and the attached tissues. These typically happen after severe accidents like explosions, gunshots, or body-crushing ones that bleed quickly and heavily.


This is a minimal opening formed by a sharp, point object like a needle or nail. This can also be from a bullet. They typically do not bleed a lot but are severe enough to hurt your internal organs. Even a tiny puncture needs a physician’s assessment or tetanus medication to avoid infection.


Minor wounds can be dealt with at home by cleaning and disinfecting them to eliminate the debris and dirt. Direct pressure is used while swelling and bleeding are managed through elevation. The wound can be wrapped using a sterile bandage, although small ones do not need one. The wound should be kept dry and clean for several days after the dressing.

A physician should be seen if:

  •         Bleeding does not decrease with direct pressure
  •         The wound is deeper than half an inch
  •         Bleeding is from a severe accident
  •         Bleeding occurs for more than fifteen minutes

The wound can be treated through stitches, bandages, or pain medications. Severe cases of reattachment involve a more extended stay in the medical facility. Any open wound is potentially harmful as exposure to multiple substances or microorganisms can cause serious problems. Therefore, for any questions on wound care, check out our website, or call our offices in Bakersfield, CA.

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