10 Foods to Boost Energy Fast

10 Foods to Boost Energy Fast

Whenever a person seems to lose his energy, sweet foods like candies and drinks with caffeine like coffee are some of the options to consume to still get the needed energy to get throughout the day.

These foods are guaranteed to give more of the energy needed, however, there are its worse side effects. Sweet foods like chocolates and candies boost serotonin, a brain chemical that promotes a person’s mood, however, it causes a spike in the sugar levels that sends worse effects on a person’s health.

One of the reasons why a person experiences sudden drops of energy in his system is the subsequent drop in the levels of sugar in the body, increasing the need for energy-rich foods and beverages. Other sources of energy are those that are rich in protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. These nutrients, when received and released from the bloodstream, gives sufficient energy that sustains the body to do its activities for more hours. It also helps the brain, particularly protein, to produce chemicals that stimulate concentration. This makes a person more focused and more alert. Foods that are rich in this mineral, along with other fiber-rich food, are a good combination of power source especially for those that are even busy to take power naps.

Benefits of Smart-Snacking

Choosing the right snack to eat especially in boosting the energy can also give more health benefits to a person. Aside from getting the energy needed to sustain the daily living, it improves the daily functioning of the body. Moreover, to those that are aiming to lose weight making a person more active and faster in doing his activities. Also, it lowers the risk of having deadly diseases like heart failure, hypertension, and diabetes, even Alzheimer’s disease.

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Foods that Helps to Boost energy Fast

Aside from doing activities that can help to sustain energy and have a bulletproof brain octane at Yes Wellness, here are some of the foods and meals that anyone can consider to help have the energy needed to save the day:

1. Almonds

Almonds contain essential nutrients like magnesium that aids in the body’s metabolism, and vitamin B which helps to convert the food intake into energy. Low levels of magnesium make a person get tired more. Moreover, insufficient Vitamin B levels result in fatigue, making a person more irritable and unable to lose concentration.

2. Popcorn

This food is a great example of a whole-grain carbohydrate, another good source of energy. This kind of carbohydrate is filled with fiber that prevents the sudden blood sugar upsurge that usually happens when consuming refined carbohydrates.

In addition, popcorns are low in calories, provided that they are not combined with butter or salt. Plus, compared to other chips and crackers, eating this makes a person feel fuller.

3. Peanut Butter

The fats, protein, and fiber are all guaranteed healthy and help a person prevent to feel less hungry and also in maintaining the levels of blood sugar. However, in choosing peanut butter, avoid purchasing those brands with more sugar content.

4. Salmon

Popularly known as the “brain food”, salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that are discovered to help reduce the risks of depression because it helps a person to boost his moods. With its high protein content, this energizing food also helps to lower or maintain a person’s weight.

Also, this fatty acid helps in lowering the blood pressure and bad cholesterol in the body, preventing the system to have cardiovascular diseases.

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5. Banana

Aside from potassium, this healthy fruit is also filled with fiber and vitamin B6. These nutrients are all known to promote and sustain energy and better functions of the muscles. This fruits is excellent pre and post-workout food to consume.

6. Kale

This nutritious vegetable is rich in L-tyrosine, an amino acid that aids in a better state of the mind. Also, it is filled with antioxidants and fiber that helps a person to be more energized while maintaining the blood sugar levels.

7. Oatmeal

This favorite breakfast option is filled with fiber that is known to revitalize a person. It is also proven to make a person last longer because of fiber’s ability to be digested in a longer time.

8. Pistachio

Aside from protein and fiber, pistachios also have monounsaturated fats that provide better health for the heart. It also has a dense calorie content.

9. Hummus

A popular Mediterranean dip in pureed garbanzos beans, sesame-based tahini and olive oil, hummus also has lots of fiber and protein that helps in sugar stabilization, boost energy and keep the person from being easily hungry. This dip can be a better alternative for mayonnaise.

10. Greek Yogurt

A popular yogurt flavor, Greek yogurt is an ideal breakfast option because it has a protein that slows down a person’s hunger without compromising the energy needed by a person to sustain his daily routines.

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