Avoid These Practices to Avoid Injuries Due to Treadmill Running

Avoid These Practices to Avoid Injuries Due to Treadmill Running

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Exercising regularly is very important to health. You can do it by performing body positions from specific exercise routines or by using certain exercise equipment made primarily for the purposes they serve.

One of the most well-known exercise equipment is the treadmill. It is has a never-ending belt, and it lets you walk or run in place. Treadmill running works well in muscle toning, weight loss, better heart health, and other health benefits. Despite those, there are injuries that treadmill runners can possibly get into if they also utilize certain practices that cause mishaps.

For you to avoid getting them, you must be informed also about the practices that you must avoid. Here they are:


Before any exercise routine, there’s a need for your body to stretch out first. If not, your body might get shocked, causing your joints and muscles to feel sore after exercising.

Give time for your body to warm up before using them intensely, most especially if you’re doing really intense routines. Spend a few 5 to 10 minutes in walking, jogging then running at a relaxed and easy pace.

It’s thrilling and tempting to just hop on the treadmill and start running and sweating, but it is a must that you do warm-up exercises first and foremost. Don’t be too excited or else, your body will surprise you!


Looking down and on the side can lead you to lose your balance and fall down from the treadmill. This is because where you look to is, in a way, followed by your feet’s direction. When you don’t have your attention where it should be, your body is lead as well.

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Your eyes must be focused on the front. If you look down, you’ll be able to see the progress tracker, however, there’s a chance for you to get dizzy too. You might hurt your back and/or your neck as your running form also turns out improper because of looking down to your feet.


If you are using your treadmill to run on an incline, you must not forget to increase the incline first to a comfortable level before you gradually boost your speed. Falling is frequently possible if you increase your running speed and the treadmill’s incline setting at the same time.


Still, sometimes, because of unexpected happenings, falls can still happen even if the treadmill is at its best condition and even if you make sure of your balance. Because of that, it’s the safest to make sure that there’s enough space around the exercise equipment. This is to be prepared at least that in case of falling, there’ll be no corners or furniture that your head will get hurt with.


A very improper way of running on the treadmill is going barefoot. There is a moving belt producing friction and heat. Running without any protective footwear can cause painful scratches, blisters, and burns.

Without the right shoes for treadmill running, instead of just getting the great results you want for your body, you also get hurtful portions on your feet. The shock of the movement and the stress that the joints are to take are absorbed by the shoes.

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Worst, the side of the moving belt meeting the machine may cause grave injuries if your feet slide to it. Aside from that, proper hygiene is not maintained if you use the treadmill barefoot. Germs can easily spread due to lack of sanitation.


The treadmill is a piece of very helpful exercise equipment. It’s enjoyable to use it as well. Just make sure that you avoid the above-mentioned practices and other mistakes that might lead you to injury-causing accidents. Be careful as you strive to be fit and healthy!


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