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Calisthenics 101: 5 Steps To Follow A Simple Workout Regime at Home

Calisthenics has the power to transform your body into a fit and well-shaped body with simple bodyweight exercises. These exercises will slowly increase your body metabolism and help you reach your optimum fitness levels in […]

Aerobic vs Weight Training Workout: Which Is Better?

When it comes to fitness and overall health, there is an ongoing debate on which type of exercise program is better for one’s body and overall health, aerobic exercise or weight training. If you are […]

Why you should use a personal trainer

We all find some days easier than others when it comes to training at the gym, and pre-workouts can only help you so much with getting your mojo back. Many of us need that extra […]


You need to balance your diet and exercise in order to be healthy. Even if you know what your end goal is, it can be difficult to determine which diet will work best for you […]

How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

You probably have heard various ideas on weight loss. Well, why is weight loss so important? And why should you consider it? Excessive weight affects your health and life quality in different ways, including increasing […]

How To Improve Your PR at the Next Race

When you are a competitive runner, it’s important to try out new strategies at each race to see which ones work for you. You can shave seconds off your time just by implementing new techniques […]

How Many Calories Are Burnt in BJJ Session?

BJJ or Brazilian jiu-jitsu as we know it is an excellent grappling technique that is used for combat purposes mainly. Most people practice BJJ as a combat art whereas others are now switching to BJJ […]

Boxing Exercises That Can Help You Sweat and Burn Calories Like Crazy

Most people associate boxing with self-defense or if they want to show you, they know a thing, they will quote Muhammad Ali. Although there is nothing wrong with quoting Muhammad Ali, however, limiting the spirit […]

Gym Etiquette – A Pleasant Exercise Experience

There are some unwritten rules of the gym that you’d probably rather skip learning the hard way. Follow these 7 gym etiquette tips to make yours, and everyone else’s, exercise experience a pleasant one. Stay […]

Types Of Workouts And The Benefits Of Exercise

Endurance exercises and regular workouts can have tremendous benefits on health and can make you feel better. Regular exercises can be beneficial for improving the alertness of mind for all persons irrespective of the ages. […]