Boxing Exercises That Can Help You Sweat and Burn Calories Like Crazy

Boxing Exercises That Can Help You Sweat and Burn Calories Like Crazy

Most people associate boxing with self-defense or if they want to show you, they know a thing, they will quote Muhammad Ali. Although there is nothing wrong with quoting Muhammad Ali, however, limiting the spirit of boxing just to one celebrity, one quote, and one purpose are quite demeaning for the game. Boxing is one of the most recognized combat-based games globally. It is played around the globe and people have a pretty decent understanding of the game as well. On the contrary, most people love the idea of martial arts but when it comes to the rule and differentiating different types, most people give up. As a globally recognized combat-based game, most people limit its potential according to their understanding. Some people think this is a good way of self-defense, another thing about boxing is discipline. However, things are changing now and fitness trainers are trying to alter the public perspective. Almost every gym session will start with some form of boxing. Some trainers have even used boxing as a full-fledge workout session where they use all boxing gear and help people exercise with boxing-based maneuvers only. Let’s see boxing exercises that can help you sweat and burn calories.

If you are not familiar with boxing and you only know about boxing because of a few celebrities, you need to see that the boxing world is changing now. It is becoming more and more competitive and with every passing day, more people are realizing its potential. To understand some of the basics, we have listed five main advantages that will convince you to start boxing today.


Boxing will help you get diverted to a healthy lifestyle. You will set your priorities straight because you will be crushing in the gym. Even as a hobbyist boxer you will be surprised how much time you will be spending in the gym and how disciplined your life will get.


Boxing is a great workout. Even if you are not interested in self-defense, you will be sweating and losing weight. If you try to incorporate boxing with other conventional types of exercises you will get better results than most of the gym and heavy lifting exercises.

Self Defense

Self-defense and boxing might seem synonyms at this point. We all know that boxing is a great way of first-hand self-defense. In short, you can burn a lot of calories, get fit, and have some skills up your sleeves when the situation gets dire.

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Boxing means that you will practice staying in the moment. This also means that your mind and body coordination will get better. According to boxing trainers, most people get very emotional but with proper practice sessions, they learn to be realistic.

Active State of Mind

Getting lethargic without daily exercise is quite common. For staying active, most people either jog or go on a walk. However, with a simple boxing session of 10 minutes, you will be burning a lot more calories than a thirty-minute walk.

Best Boxing Exercises to Help You Burn Calories

Best Boxing Exercises to Help You Burn Calories

We know that most people do not associate boxing with easy calorie burnout. However, if we compare the overall mechanism, we will see that boxing utilizes the whole body. On the contrary, walking or jogging only focuses on the legs. According to an estimate, you can burn double the number of calories with the same amount of boxing sessions as compared to jogging or walking. You can also formulate a complete workout session with the help of boxing maneuvers. Some of the best exercises that involve boxing have been listed for your convenience.



Shadowboxing is a great way of burning calories. This also helps you to polish your boxing skills and practice boxing techniques. Most people shadow box without a punching bag. They stand in front of a mirror and practice their moves and punching combinations. However, if you want to burn some real calories get a punching bag. This will help you exert more energy and you will develop a powerful punching style. Apart from this, as the punching bag will be hanging, you will have a proper direction and you will be able to move along. Your goal should be to move the bag from side to side. Most of the time, punching bags are filled with sand, which makes it pretty heavy to move. This will give you a vision of the full body and you will be able to punch will full power.

Jump Rope

Side to Side Cones

Jump rope is a very simple exercise. Most people know about it as an exercise that only helps in practicing the footwork but you will be surprised about the calorie burn out. As a professional boxer, your trainer will help you focus on jump rope because this gives you full control of your feet. As footwork is important in boxing and it makes the practice a full-body experience, you will be surprised how much weight you will lose just in a one-week session. If you can combine shadow boxing along with jump rope, you can easily hit your goal with just a 30 minutes session.

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Side to Side Cones

This is an excellent workout plan for every boxer. This helps with the footwork and provides full control over the body. Since you will be touching the cones with the help of your hands on both sides, this also includes the upper body workout. Apart from this, this will provide you an experience where you can control your feet at every turn. One of the biggest issues that most boxers face is that they get shocked and this limits their control over the body. This session of side-to-side cones will narrow down the route. As a result of a narrow route, you will be able to limit your footwork. A simple way of doing this exercise is to place cones on both sides of the ground. Make sure there is just a few feet distance between both cones. Line at least twelve cones on each side. Now run between the cones in such a way that you touch cones on either side. This cone placement will help you limit your vision, you will stay focus and return once you have touched the cone. In case, you do not have a cone, you can simply get chalk and mark the ground.

Boxing Combination with Lunges

Boxing Combination with Lunges

Lunge in itself is a very hard exercise. Most people while doing lunges like to hold the pose just like in the case of yoga. However, with boxing practice, you need to keep your body moving. Start with selecting a punching combination. Now start with two lunges and add up a punching combination. This will qualify as one rep and you need to continue these reps. one rep will only take one minute or even less than one minute and for the full session, you can take around fifteen minutes. You can also convert this exercise session into high-intensity interval training. You just need to get done with one rep and take a five seconds break and then start with the next rep. this way you will be able to sweat and burn calories more than an average exercise.

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