Get to understand more about podiatric surgeons and what they do

Get to understand more about podiatric surgeons and what they do

It is pretty common to hurt your foot or ankle even doing the most mundane activities. This can hugely affect your daily activities as moving around is a big part of it. Athletes and workout enthusiasts have the highest risk of getting foot or injuries in the lower leg areas due to their constant physical activities. These injuries may require a foot specialist to look at them, and that is where a New York podiatric surgeon comes in. What a podiatric surgeon does is discussed further below.

Who is a Podiatric Surgeon?

A podiatric surgeon is a physician who deals with problems involving the ankle, feet or other connecting parts in your legs. They are trained in specialized podiatric medical schools where they undergo training and residency like in typical medical schools. They then receive certification from relevant podiatric boards and obtain licenses from relevant state institutions.

Some foot conditions that a podiatric surgeon can handle include:

Arthritis and Gout

These ailments result in pain in your toes and feet. A podiatric surgeon can perform various procedures to alleviate the symptoms of these illnesses.

Nail problems

You can experience pain in your foot due to various nail problems like infection or an ingrown toenail. Certain medications may sort these issues, but severe problems may require procedures from a podiatric surgeon.


This is a typical ailment that can damage nerves in the feet or other areas. This causes pain, numbness, and ulcers on the legs and feet. A podiatric surgeon could help you eliminate any foot complications due to diabetes complications. Before any treatment plans are formulated, in-depth discussions with other specialists like vascular surgeons, family doctors, and neurologists.

Flat feet

Flat feet can be typically solved by applying orthotic devices like arch support or foot brace to deal with damaged or weak foot ligaments. Severe cases may need the intervention of a podiatric surgeon.

Knee and ankle issues

A podiatric surgeon can sort the cause of ankle or knee problems. This is not the end of treatment, as the muscles and joints in your ankle, knee, and foot can be strengthened by doing long-term physical therapy.

Other foot issues that a podiatric surgeon can look into include:

  •         Broken or fractured bones
  •         Bunion removal
  •         Tumors
  •         Artery disease
  •         Ulcers
  •         Foot prosthetics
  •         Amputations
  •         Corrective surgery for walking patterns

Specific health problems may increase the chances of getting foot problems, such as:

  •         Diabetes
  •         Obesity
  •         High cholesterol
  •         Arthritis
  •         Stroke and heart disease
  •         Poor blood circulation

The opinion of a podiatric surgeon can be required if you have any side effects of a diabetic foot complication, including:

  •         Pain in your lower legs when walking
  •         Sharp or burning pain
  •         Sore or ulcer
  •         Calluses or hard skin
  •         Tenderness, tingling, or numbness

Regular checkups with your foot doctor are necessary to identify underlying issues that may cause foot complications that can require treatment by a podiatric surgeon. A podiatric surgeon can help save fatal complications from foot injuries. For any podiatric surgeon inquiries, visit our website, or call our offices in Broadway, NY.

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