Helping Parents Decide On Assisted Living

Helping Parents Decide On Assisted Living

Our parents get older when we realize that they are no longer so capable of helping themselves, but they need us and they may become a little more clumsy and forgetful. When parents age, those strong pillars on which we rely lose autonomy and become dependent on us. It is likely that at first, we pass a stage of denial or opposition to what is happening, not being able to understand the reactions of the parents, which generates irritability, anger, guilt, confusion, fear, frustration, sadness, and we insist that they return to what they were or how they were. Many adult children go as far as ignoring the signs that their parents may need the help of professionals in an assisted living facility.

Making the Right Decision

As soon as we accept the situation of old age or illness, we can feel tenderness, affection, tolerance, and understanding. In addition, sometimes the stage of aging of parents coincides with adolescence or raising of their own children, which requires organization of the whole family or search for different resources. When the caring son or daughter feels that his life has stopped too much or that anger and even resentment arise about “having to take care” of his parents, it means that he has already reached the limit of overload and has given himself too much, at the expense of his health. For this reason, it may be time to consider moving the parent or parents into an assisted living environment.

The Recommendations

Here are some recommendations when dealing with aging parents and having to cope:

  • Respect their wishes and communicate with them to know what they want, ask them, take them into account…
  • Allow your aging parents to experience sadness because, for them, it is also grief to realize how they age.
  • Each family should be as organized as it can be. There is no single right way to take care of your loved ones. Make sure that the care does not invade their life. Take care without neglecting their lives and their desires.
  • Accompany them with what happens to them, be there, and be realistic, for example, in terms of the severity of the disease, loss or decrease in abilities, etc.

The Final Choice

In the end, you should do what you think is best for your loved ones since everyone’s situation is different and people age differently. Do your research extensively as it relates to assisted living in Bradenton Florida.

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