Say Cheese: 5 Tips For A Healthier Smile

Say Cheese: 5 Tips For A Healthier Smile

Next time you’re smiling for the camera, remember that one-third of Americans are hesitant to show off their pearly whites.

Your smile is one of the first impressions you make, and being uncomfortable smiling can make communicating difficult. So how do you become more comfortable smiling in front of people?

If you’re someone who struggles with smiling, check out these tips for a healthier smile!

5 Tips for A Healthier Smile

We all know that healthy teeth are critical to a healthy body, but it’s also important to take care of them for your confidence. Check out these five tips to help you maintain a healthy smile.

1. Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Having a healthy dental routine is key to keeping your teeth in pristine condition. Brush twice daily or after every meal as well as floss, as these practices help eliminate bacteria that sit on and in between your teeth that contribute to tooth decay.

Your tongue also harbors plenty of bacteria as well, so be sure to give it a good scrub. This will not only help to knock out bacteria but will freshen your breath. Don’t forget the mouthwash for extra bacteria-killing properties!

2. Get Regular Check-Ups

Seeing a dentist regularly (usually twice a year) is also one of the most important elements in keeping a healthy smile. At a dental check-up, the dentist will examine and clean your teeth and give you feedback on your hygiene habits or make recommendations.

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3. Consider Dental Work

Teeth whitening systems are a great step to getting a sparkling smile, but if you have serious dental problems, talk to your dentist about the possibility of cosmetic dentistry to target the areas that bother you.

4. Cut Back Unhealthy Habits

The foods that we eat and the habits we practice play a vital role in the health of our teeth. Drinking liquids like wine, coffee, and tea are all acidic, cause stains, and wreck havoc on your teeth. Also, an overabundance of sugary foods and drinks like soda, candy, juices, and chocolate increase the growth of bacteria.

These foods are often hard to avoid, and moderation is key. Try drinking through a straw to lessen the exposure of your teeth to harsh liquids, and rinse or brush immediately afterward. Replace your coffee or tea with water when you can.

Another unhealthy habit to quit is smoking. Aside from staining the tooth enamel, the smoke can pass through to the gums which can cause receding, and starts the process of a variety of severe mouth diseases like gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancers.

5. Contact Your Dentist if You Experience Pain

Any pain in your teeth or mouth must be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. Ignoring serious problems like cavities or gum pain could yield itself to more significant problems. Addressing them immediately with your dentist could save you money and dental problems in the long run.

Grin and Bear It

With these tips for a healthier smile, you’re on your way to an irresistible smile and an even healthier mouth.

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Do you need more tips for living a healthier lifestyle? Check out all the information you need on our page!

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