Surprising Facts about Fertility Preservation You Should Not Ignore

Surprising Facts about Fertility Preservation You Should Not Ignore

As women grow older, their fertility decreases, and the risk of other reproductive complications, like endometriosis, surges. Luckily, advanced technology is integral in helping most women preserve their fertility. Today, the rate of Celebration fertility preservation has been rising as women can have control of their reproduction life. If you are not ready to give birth but want to have kids in the future, egg freezing might be the solution. You need to know several facts surrounding fertility preservation, including the following.

Having More Eggs Is Essential

When you decide to preserve your eggs, there are injectable fertility drugs you need to take to maximize the number of eggs you can save. The main aim of egg freezing is to retrieve between 15 and 20 mature eggs. Even if you are healthy, there are chances of having infertile eggs. However, saving many eggs increases the likelihood of retrieving successfully fertilized eggs when you are ready to give birth.

Fertility Functions Better If Done During the Younger Ages

The possibility of pregnancy is high if a woman applies a younger egg indicating eggs frozen in their 20s are better than those frozen in their 30s. Research attests that pregnancy rates are lower for women who froze their eggs after 38 years than those who preserved their eggs early. Therefore, if you want to freeze your eggs, it is high time you do it as early as possible to increase the likelihood of successful pregnancy.

Freezing Eggs Does Not Guarantee Pregnancy

Several women who freeze assume that they will be able to conceive. However, egg freezing does guarantee a pregnancy. Studies on egg preservation noted that the rate of getting pregnant after freezing eggs only ranges between 36-61%, meaning there is a significant possibility of failing to conceive. The pregnancy chance relies on the woman’s age when freezing eggs and the number of eggs frozen.

Egg Preservation Safeguards Your Eggs

If you are experiencing a certain health concern that is threatening the wellness of your eggs or your capability to reproduce, consider freezing the eggs. Endometriosis is one of the problems common for most women experiences during their fertility journey; some can give birth with it while others cannot.

Moreover, cancer can affect the health of your egg, whereas chemotherapy and radiation done for cancer can harm the eggs. Egg preservation can guard your eggs and allow you to give birth even if you cannot do it independently.

Preserving Eggs Reduces Fertility Anxiety

One advantage of freezing eggs is that most women feel relieved or relaxed. Since your biology does not follow your ideal timeline, you may experience fertility anxiety. Women feel this anxiety as they see their fertility declining and are not ready to have kids. Luckily, egg freezing improves the mental well-being of several women by relieving them of this anxiety.

If you are not ready to give birth but will do it someday, fertility preservation can be ideal. If you are stuck securing a healthcare institution offering egg-freezing treatment, do not worry, as we have covered. Center for Reproductive Medicine, in Celebration, Florida, consists of a team of board-certified reproductive Endocrinologists offering state-of-art services you can trust led by Dr. Sadek. Call the Celebration office or request an online consultation today to enjoy their exceptional services.

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