The Benefits of Interventional Pain Management

The Benefits of Interventional Pain Management

Do you have recurrent chronic pain even after taking conventional medications? Sometimes the medications and therapies deal with the pain symptoms, and it would be better to opt for interventional pain management techniques. Interventional pain management deals with the real cause of the pain as it involves the diagnosis and treatment of the medical condition which causes pain. An interventional pain doctor like Dr. Ioannis Skaribas Houston will ask for your medical history and diagnose and treat different underlying conditions. Here is why you should opt for interventional pain management techniques.

Pain Management Techniques Stops Pain at the Source

The intervention management techniques target the source of the pain, offering relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. For instance, the pain doctor will recommend epidural injections instead of oral medications, which affect the entire body and brain. The epidural injection is directed towards a specific area like the joint or the spine, which is pronto pain. The injection is a pain management technique that allows the patient the freedom to engage in everyday activities while undergoing treatment.

Another interventional management technique that targets the source of the pain is physical therapy, as it increases joint motion range, improves muscle function, improves blood circulation, and removes toxins from a specific area leading to pain alleviation.

The Interventional Medications Reduces the Reliance on Opioids

Some doctors will recommend oral medications to alleviate pain. Unfortunately, opioid pain medications can cause addiction as they are addictive and dangerous for your health. Most patients might have a challenge controlling the opioid drug intake, as they may increase the dosage with time leading to an overreliance on the medications. Thus, the patients can escape the overreliance on opioid drugs by choosing interventional pain management remedies which work for their conditions.

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It Offers Quick Relief

Interventional pain management techniques offer quick relief for pain, making it easy to manage chronic conditions. For instance, epidural injection offers quick relief for chronic back or joint pain. A patient will engage in everyday activities after receiving the interventional treatments as the management techniques of quick pain relief.

Long-Lasting Results

Interventional pain management techniques lead to long-lasting pain management compared to narcotic pain relievers, which last for a few hours. The corticosteroid epidural injection will last for months and alleviate the pain completely. Spinal stimulation leads to pain relief for years leading to better pain management.

The Procedures Are Minimally Invasive

The interventional pain management techniques don’t require open surgeries. The procedures are performed through injections and may need small incisions, unlike open surgeries, which leave open wounds. The techniques will replace or delay invasive and risky surgeries. Therefore, the procedures have few side effects and are safer than surgeries or narcotic drugs. The procedures are outpatient, and you might not need anesthesia to deal with the pain associated with the treatment.

Chronic pain can affect your life, and you should opt for interventional pain management techniques as they deal with the source of the pain. The interventional techniques involve corticosteroid injections in the joints and spinal region. The techniques lead to effective pain management and reduced reliance on opioids which might be addictive. Moreover, they have few side effects as they don’t involve open surgeries and oral medications.

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