Why You Should Seek Arthritis Interventional Pain Management

Why You Should Seek Arthritis Interventional Pain Management

Arthritis causes stiffness, swelling, and pain. This can considerably impact your joints’ range of motion, affecting the quality of your life. The pain can be mild, moderate, or severe and could worsen if left unmanaged, making it hardly possible to go about your routine. Arlington Arthritis is prevalent in older adults aged 60 and above but can impact anyone at any age. Aging is the leading risk factor. This is especially in osteoarthritis cases, which is due to the wear and tear damage of the joint cartilage over the years, leading to bone grinding. In other cases, the condition could result from an immune system dysfunction where it attacks the joints, referred to as rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis pain and symptoms can be effectively managed, allowing you to carry on your days with minimal discomfort. While seeking an ideal solution, among the approaches that continue to gain favor is interventional pain management. The strategy employs pain-blocking measures. Among the common ways include implantables, injections, electrostimulation, and in other instances, surgery. Here is a glance at why you should consider interventional pain management for arthritis.

Fast and lasting relief

Interventional pain management measures like injections offer relief almost instantaneously. This is whether you are struggling with acute or chronic pain. The best part is that the treatments offer lasting results. Unlike strategies like reliance on opioids, after the interventional treatment, you can enjoy the results for months. You may need a series of treatments in cases of injections, but you won’t be in pain between the sessions.

Interventional pain management can offer relief spanning upwards of 70%, enough to allow you to return to your routine. The lasting results also mean that you are less likely to be trapped in a pain-stress loop, considerably improving the quality of your life.

Targeted pain relief

Arthritis pain could be affecting a certain area. Strategies like taking medication mean you impact the whole body since they have to go through the digestive system and get absorbed to offer relief. Interventional pain management bypasses such a process. An injection or implantable can be targeted to the specific region you are experiencing pain. The treatments are tailored to target and address the pain’s source, which offers better relief without impacting other parts.

Minimally or non-invasive pain management

You can get interventional pain treatments offering notable relief without the need for surgery and downtime. For example, physical therapy, acupuncture, and injections do not require incisions. In the case of implantable, only a small cut is made to facilitate implantation with modern cutting-edge medical equipment. The minimally or non-invasive approach means you are not exposed to too many risks and complications that could make arthritis pain management overwhelming.

Avoid drug dependence

Pain-relieving medication can help manage arthritis symptoms. Nonetheless, they expose you to many risks, dependence being among the most notable. Addiction and drug abuse health issues could beat the logic of striving to lead an active and happier life, which you can avoid with interventional pain management.

Arthritis pain does not have to turn your life inside out. Interventional pain management can help you remain physically active, avoid developing drug dependence, and lead a healthier life. Contact Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine Specialists today for more on arthritis pain management.

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