10 Natural Ways To Look Younger WITHOUT Plastic Surgery Or Botox!

10 Natural Ways To Look Younger WITHOUT Plastic Surgery Or Botox!

Everyone dreams to stay young forever. But, with the passing years, the beauty and youth fades away and it is an unavoidable reality of life. Though there are ways to reduce the effects of old age, but some of them are very expensive like plastic surgery or facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. As these surgical treatments give instant results, a number of people are inclining towards them. However, with good results, these treatments give disastrous outcomes as well and that cannot be avoided at any cost. For those who are not in favour of plastic surgery or Botox, and love to get a younger looking skin or sustain youth for a long in a natural way, this article is perfect for them.

This article contains top 10 natural ways to look younger without plastic surgery or Botox. And believe us! These tips will definitely do wonders in your life to give you a youthful life ahead.

  1. Add Regular Exercise In Your Routine – A regular exercise is a must thing to stay younger for a long time and if you too want to look young, then never say NO to daily physical work-out or exercise. With exercise, more oxygen and nutrients will circulate to the skin and make you appear livelier and more radiant. It enhances posture and starts the production of collagen that helps the creation of younger skin.
  2. Retinoid Lotions – Collagen building is a need to stay young and it is a reason, a lot of people rely on the retinoid lotions and creams. With the use of these lotions, you can prevent age spots, acne and wrinkles from appearing on your face. As a result, you get a younger looking skin naturally. This cream gives result in a very short span of time and you can buy these lotions easily from a good cosmetic store or online store.
  3. Antioxidants – To speedily fight with free radicals, antioxidants can be a great contributor. By adding antioxidants in your regular diet, the aging process can easily be slew down. Moreover, they can reverse the aging effects if are consumed rightly. Apart from adding in diet, there are many antioxidant creams available in the market that can also be used to slow down the aging signs or effects.
  4. Drink Lots of Water Everyday – It is a proven anti-aging tip as it gives instant result merely in a week of time. By drinking 11 to 12 glasses of water every day, you will get a younger looking skin. Water keeps you hydrated internally and this internal hydration resembles on your skin as it looks clearer and dewy. This way, water helps you look younger.
  5. Take Beauty Drip – If you seek an instant solution to look younger without any kind of facial plastic surgery or Brachial Plexus plastic surgery, then beauty drip can be helpful. In this process, a needle is used to instantly add the required nutrients to your skin. With beauty drip, you will get an instant facial glow that makes one look attractive and young. This beauty treatment can be taken once in a month or whenever you feel like.
  6. Exfoliation – Exfoliation is another proven idea to get a younger looking skin and prevent aging signs to appear on you. This process helps removing all kinds of unwanted aging signs from your skin. It helps building collagen, hence, exfoliation encourages you to look younger not merely outwardly but internally as well. For the best results, you should exfoliate 1 – 3 times in a week. With exfoliation, the skin easily absorbs all moisturiser or any other treatment that you use to enhance your skin.
  7. Give up Smoking – Smoking is the biggest culprit to harm your skin and taking all your youth away from you. Hence, if you want to get a clearer, radiant and vibrant skin to look young, then this is the time to say bye-bye to smoking. Now, question is how smoking affects our skin? Well, by preventing oxygen and blood to get to the skin, it encourages aging to one. Moreover, it is a big cause of premature aging as well.
  8. Limit Your Sugar Intake – Sugar in high amount in diet can lead you to aging effects through glycation that directly damages collagen available in the skin and makes it loose and wrinkled.
  9. Popping Pills – Popping pills are quite effective in battling with the aging effects. Being rich in the fatty acids and essential oils, these pills do a great job in helping individuals to have a radiant skin with required moisture and clearer complexion without signs like wrinkles, age spots etc. It encourages hydration internally from the body and gives our skin a natural glow.
  10. Eat Healthy – Eating healthy food like green veggies, salads, fruits, soy, dairy products and all fresh meals, can also help you to trigger aging effects by eradicating signs like acne, age spots, wrinkles etc.

Author Bio : Sheetal Goswami is Working as Blogger for Tricity Institute Of Plastic Surgery. A famous Institute for facial plastic surgery. She has been blogging for several years about the fusion of Medical Science. She is a voracious follower of medical achievements and loves to share all about it.

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