5 Things Your Orthopedic Surgeon Wants You To Know Before Surgery

5 Things Your Orthopedic Surgeon Wants You To Know Before Surgery

Whether you have decided on it yourself or your physician has advised you, opting for orthopedic surgery is a huge choice. However, before undergoing the knife, you should conduct your comprehensive study to understand what the operation comprises, the risks, expectations, and so on. Therefore, asking the proper questions is crucial. During your consultations at UPPER EXTREMITY SPECIALISTS, Dr. Kristopher Downing will advise you on the best preparation and aftercare tips, as well as what to expect with your procedure to help ease any anxiety you might have. Meanwhile, check out this post for five key things your orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon La Jolla wants you to know before surgery.

1)      There May Be Alternate Therapies

Surgery is not the only option available at UPPER EXTREMITY SPECIALISTS. Thanks to recent developments, several alternative therapies are available, including PRP therapy, joint injections, lipoaspirate therapy, and more. Therefore, discuss alternative treatments with Dr. Downing for whatever issue you have. Consider these alternatives to invasive therapy before making a rash decision.

2)      All Surgeries Bear Risks

No operations are 100% safe. Based on the type of operation and the nature of the patient, there is always a level of risk. Discuss potential hazards during and after the surgery with your physician.

However, the success rate of orthopedic procedures is rather high. Besides, there are now far superior procedures and equipment that guarantee maximum patient safety and superior outcomes.

3)      Not All Orthopedic Operations Are Expensive

Money is an important factor for most patients. If you are one of these people, the good news is that orthopedic operations are no longer as expensive as they previously were. Obviously, a great deal varies with the operation type and treatment location. Nonetheless, generally, invasive orthopedic therapy is more affordable today.

4)      Everything Relies On Your Follow-Up

Surgeons could do whatever is necessary to assure the total success of treatment. Nevertheless, a great deal, if not all, hinges on postoperative care. If you do not care for yourself according to the physicians’ instructions, it will cause harm, rendering the surgery outcome less desirable. Therefore, besides the operation itself, consider follow-up with your physician.

5)      Quit Listening To Family And Friends

Regarding surgical procedures and invasive therapies, several perspectives exist. Some will frighten you with tales they overheard from others, while others will suggest home treatments.

While your dear ones have good intentions, they are not equipped to make decisions concerning your orthopedic therapy, such as whether you must undergo it, how secure it is, and your alternative options. In such situations, go with your doctor’s advice as they have years of training and expertise; they understand what is best for you.

Regardless of the complexity of your orthopedic surgery, you will feel considerably better if you know what to expect. Thus, you must analyze all the minor issues, ask your provider the appropriate questions, clear up any uncertainty, and get treatment with the proper mentality. With the breakthroughs orthopedics has enjoyed recently, you should anticipate a reasonably easy and successful procedure at UPPER EXTREMITY SPECIALISTS. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online to learn more.

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