How to Manage a Callus or a Corn at Home

How to Manage a Callus or a Corn at Home

Corns and calluses are common issues of the feet mainly caused by friction. But they can also form in the hands. You have corn if you get a hardened, thick, dead skin on top of your toes. But when it forms at the side or bottom of your feet, it is a callus. The conditions can be effectively managed at home, but medical specialists like the Coral Springs corns and calluses experts recommend medical treatment when the situation is painful and persistent. In most cases, reversing the possible risk factors can help avoid the complication. Here is what you can do at home to manage corn or a callus.

Consider Over-the-counter Options

You can get several remedies over-the-counter to help you manage corns and calluses. But you must first differentiate between the two complications; they are different and require different treatments. Corn can develop on top of your toe or between your toes and can be painful. A callus will develop at the bottom of your feet and can also develop in your hands. You can consult your doctor on the over-the-counter products available before using them. The products are usually more effective when combined with other measures.

 Use Salicylic Acid Pads

Several salicylic corn removal pads can help you manage your symptoms. They are available with strengths from 40% and can be without prescription. But it is essential to consult your doctor before using them. Generally, soak your infected foot in warm water to soften the tissue for about five minutes and dry the foot before applying the pads. Only apply the pad to the affected skin and repeat the procedure until your corn is gone. Remember to follow the instructions on the product and do not use eth products if you are allergic to salicylic products.

Consider Salicylic Acid

You might want to consider other forms of salicylic acid besides the pads when dealing with calluses. You can go for foams, gels, or lotions. Whichever product you choose, remember to check and follow the instructions carefully. You can also call your doctor for clarifications if you do not understand the instructions.

Use Urea Topical Products

Look for topical products with about 45% of urea to remove corns or calluses. The products are locally available in the stores, but you can ask your doctor before using them. Products like keratolytic can soften and eliminate the unwanted tissue on your skin. The general directions for topical urea include applying twice daily until the issue is resolved. Also, topical urea products should not be ingested or got into the eyes. If you swallow the product by any chance, call the emergency care team.

Consider a Pumice Stone

If you are enduring calluses, you can try a pumice stone or a specialized file for the foot to eliminate the hardened skin. The stone is more helpful when you have a broad callused area like the bottom of your feet or heel. The devices will help gradually eliminate the layers of dead skin. It can also be helpful to file the dead skin off before applying the topical treatments.

If you have hardened areas on your skin and toes, it is crucial to seek expert advice on eliminating them. Reach out to Advanced foot, Ankle, and Wound Care Specialists for help. You can book your appointment via a call or through the online tool.

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