5 Common and Important Reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor

5 Common and Important Reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor

People are turning to natural remedies for a wide range of health concerns in recent times. We are in an era where people around the world have never been more interested in fitness, nutrition, exercise and finding Zen through meditation and yoga.

Today there are many self-diagnose sites on the internet that people are gravitating more towards when they have an illness, but when you are seemingly getting no-where, and the answers do not add up there is an alternative, someone who can think outside the box when it comes to wellness, a Naturopath.

If this is something, you have heard of but are unsure of, here are six reasons that this form of treatment is a growing alternative to seeking synthetic medicine. Here’s a look at the most frequent concerns where people are looking for more insight.

  1. Weight Loss

This is by far the most common challenge for people from all walks of life. Both our diets, our toxic load exposure are at the heart of the problem. The primary challenge is in finding and maintaining what you feel is your natural weight.

There’s an old saying ‘getting in shape is harder than keeping in shape’. However, we should consider self-sabotaging habits, overwhelming stress from work, as well as general frustrations, all of these can be a factor in returning to old habits.

Excess body fat removal can be achieved by adhering to a healthier lifestyle. It can have a profound effect on your mind which in turn helps a person to change and ultimately maintain a focus on the foods that are available to them to eat rather than focusing on what is not.

It is about changing the mentality surrounding weight gain, to move away from the guilt and regret and focus on the positives of what foods you can embrace instead of focusing on what you cannot.

  1. Thyroid Imbalance

An increasingly common condition that naturopaths have to deal with. The results of this can cause hypo or hyperthyroidism. The thyroid is often supported with an approach to remove endotoxins from the patient’s system and help to support all deficient minerals in the body. As we become more familiar with thyroid imbalance, we are finding just how many symptoms that can results from it, from fluctuating weight gain and weight loss, conception issues, menstrual cycle shifts, mood swings and more. Many people’s symptoms that have gone undiagnosed for long periods of time are being attributed and traced back to the thyroid. Often we must first find the individual’s body’s capacity to heal before tackling the substance in the system. SOD (clinically known as Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction) hurts the immune system’s ability to remove endotoxins from within the system.

  1. Hormone Imbalances and Fatigue
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An extension of one of the reasons for thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue can sometimes be contributory. It is best to be dealt with before starting the process of supporting the thyroid. In all honesty, to begin healing work on the thyroid without working on the adrenal glands, it is likely to result in a continued, imbalanced thyroid including unbalanced hormones. When adrenal glands are busy working hard, it is common for the body to become generally fatigued, the depletion of vital minerals from within the body is no easy task for the adrenal glands, leading to patients not feeling well. The first line of treatment is to provide them necessary vital minerals and look to control and contain the hormone imbalance through gentle and effective homeopathic procedures.

5 Common and Important Reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor spices

  1. Cardiovascular Risk and Fatigue

Some people, unfortunately, are unable to get away from their genetic history. Hereditary cardiovascular history is always of paramount concern. Many people now look to try to change the heredity cycle, so they don’t fall foul of their genetics. Seeking naturopathic care as an option can ensure that beating the odds is not fantasy; it can be a reality. After all, genetics do not account for everything, on average the risk is 30% hereditary and 70% lifestyle driven, so treatment and lifestyle changes are essential. A good naturopath will look to help reduce stress, both mental and emotional while promoting exercise and dietary advice. People want to ways around or to reverse what they see as their inherent problem of cardiovascular traits they may possess such as NOS to support hypertension, predisposition to cardiomyopathy, plus other cardiac conditions. Naturopathy will look to a preventative approach, and seek to avoid pharmacological assistance. In some cases, this may be unavoidable and require some level of support, but genetic testing can unlock what medication, based upon the genes can be used effectively to prevent this occurring to this generation.

  1. Skin Disorders, Eczema and Psoriasis
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Acne, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin are on the increase around the world. Many people are confronted with skin conditions proving challenging to solve. As an expressive organ, the skin can show us signs of what is happening internally with the patient. Gut bacteria often can be off balance with too much unhealthy bacteria, viruses, fungus and too low healthy bacteria that can be extremely challenging to overcome. Tackling various foods that potentially create imbalances help discover hidden immunological causes. Uncovering the origins of skin for various imbalances is possible.


People are using naturopaths for a broad scope of ailments, and the treatment covers all ages from older people wanting to intensify their anti-aging program to parents wanting a healthier upbringing for their children to middle-aged men looking to better ways of self-care, a Naturopath is exceptionally versatile and knowledgeable.

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