Dental Disaster: 5 Common Dental Conditions You Can Easily Avoid

Dental Disaster: 5 Common Dental Conditions You Can Easily Avoid

Studies show that, by the age of 65, approximately 96% of Americans are suffering from tooth decay of some extremity. In other words, almost all of us do a sub-par job of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Unfortunately, in many cases, a lack of oral hygiene can lead to serious dental conditions. Curious as to what these dental issues are? Here are the 5 most common.

The Most Common Dental Conditions

Dental conditions run the gamut from minor to severe. Whereas some can be fixed with a simple procedure, others require intensive and invasive measures.

However, in the case of all oral health conditions, the best way to prevent them is by being consistent with your oral hygiene regimen. Practicing good oral hygiene will help you to avoid the following oral health problems.

1. Gum Disease

One of the most common oral problems in existence, gum disease exists in approximately half of adults. While a good many of these individuals suffer from a more minor form of gum disease (gingivitis), a fairly substantial amount of these individuals suffer from major gum disease (periodontitis).

Those with gum disease deal with red, swollen, and bleeding gums. In more severe cases, gum disease can become so extreme that it starts to eat away at the bone that supports the teeth. When this occurs, patients require treatment such as this service.

How do you prevent gum disease? By simply brushing and flossing twice a day every day.

2. Cavities

As was noted above, the vast majority of Americans will suffer tooth decay over the span of their lives. Unfortunately, the majority of this majority will also develop full-fledged cavities.

Cavities form as a result of plaque buildup. The longer plaque is allowed to sit on the teeth, the more the bacteria contained within it is going to wreak havoc on the teeth.

The only way to prevent cavities is through regular brushing and flossing.

3. Halitosis

Commonly called bad breath, halitosis can be caused by a number of different factors. Sometimes plaque buildup is to blame. However, your genetics and the foods you eat also play a big part.

You might be able to stave off halitosis with regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. If that doesn’t work, you’re advised to consult your dentist.

4. Teeth Yellowing

Teeth yellowing is extremely common. To some extent, it occurs to the vast majority of humans on the planet.

Why does teeth yellowing occur? Usually, the foods one eats are to blame. Pop, coffee, and a variety of other foods can cause the teeth to become stained over time.

To prevent teeth yellowing, watch your diet and brush your teeth regularly. To treat teeth yellowing, you’ll need to utilize teeth whitening treatments.

5. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity occurs after a tooth’s dentin layer has become exposed. This usually occurs after years of rough brushing, bad oral hygiene, or questionable food consumption.

To reduce tooth sensitivity, you must brush your teeth regularly, brush your teeth properly, and keep the consumption of acidic foods to a minimum. In other words, you must practice good oral hygiene.

Get in Touch With Your Health

The dental conditions reviewed above are only a handful of the many that humans deal with on a regular basis. Want to avoid them? Make sure to brush and floss on a regular and consistent basis.

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