Make Your Vaping Enjoyable with Vape starter kits

Make Your Vaping Enjoyable with Vape starter kits

If you are trying to quit smoking, or going to choose vapes instead of cigarettes, you can find that there are many kinds of traditional vapes when you choose them, and some of them are not suitable for daily carrying, so you can look at vape starter kits. This is also a type of cigarette replacement product that has been relatively hot in recent years.

Traditional vapes are generally a power supply device (pressure regulator box, mechanical rod, etc.), and need to be equipped with 18650 model or other types of batteries and atomizers. Since most vape starter kits are built-in batteries, they can also be used in terms of volume and weight. It is easier to carry or travel than the former, and it can be used with smoke bomb smoke (small smoke cartridge is equivalent to a finished disposable atomizer).

The Type of Cartridge:

  1. Pre-filled oil-replaceable small smoke: This kind of small smoke is relatively convenient. It can be used directly when bought. When the smoke oil in the cartridge is used up, the cartridge can be replaced. However, the price of pre-filled small smoke bombs ranges from 15 to 30 yuan, and the cost of use is high. (Generally speaking, the capacity of pre-filled small smoke bombs is generally around 1.5ml~2ml, with 2ml as an example. I personally use 2ml of smoke bombs for up to one and a half days and I will finish one fast one day).
  2. Oil-replaceable small smoke: This type of small smoke can be used in the empty smoke bombs and can be reused, so the cost of use is higher than that of the former. Oil-filled cigarettes are much lower.
  3. Refillable oil can be used to inject small oil: This kind of small smoke is somewhat similar to the finished atomizer. The advantage is that the general manufacturer will produce a variety of different resistance atomizing cores for the player to choose, which can be more personally preferred. The atomization core is used to pursue the taste of its own preference, but even if there is a spare compartment, it is inevitable that the different flavors of the oil are odor.
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Make Your Vaping Enjoyable with Vape starter kits

The Atomization Core

  1. Cotton core: It is through the heating wire to evaporate the oil on the cotton to achieve the atomization effect. Generally, the cotton core tastes richer. Generally, there will be obvious sound when used, and the life expectancy is basically 3~5. .

2, ceramic core: generally consists of a layer of oil guide cotton (or other fibers), the smoke oil is introduced into the ceramic core, by heating the ceramic core to achieve the effect of atomization, in general, the ceramic core is compared to the cotton core taste reduction It is much lighter, but there is no obvious sound when used. Although many manufacturers advertise that the ceramic core has a long service life and can be reused more than 10 times, because of the carbon deposition, 3-5 warehouses generally start to smell, so there is no real reusable so many times.

The Battery

When buying a starter kit, you can give priority to it, battery power, of course, it is convenient to charge at any time, then you can give priority to other, when I use it, the average day of 300mAh may be difficult, the battery capacity of about 500mAh is basically easy. If you say 1000mAh, you don’t have to think about it, but the volume may not be convenient. It is recommended to be 400mAh or more and 800mAh or less, which is easy to carry and can achieve sufficient battery life.

After reading these, you can basically get a general understanding of vape starter kits. Here, let’s talk about the places where you need to pay attention to picking out vape starter kits. Novices choose to give priority to battery power, volume/weight and appearance.

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I personally feel that the small smoke, mainly for the convenience of travel, players do not always have too much expectations for the taste of small smoke, itself is the finished equipment certainly no way to compare with DIY equipment. Where there are mistakes, or where the content is imperfect, welcome to point out and communicate together.


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