Plastic surgery treatments and all they entail

Plastic surgery treatments and all they entail

Many people undergo major undesirable changes in their physical appearance due to various incidents like accidents or falls. Other unwanted physical features may come about from birth. It is normal for you to feel the need to change these issues so you can feel better about yourself and go about your daily activities without the stigmatization involved. Modern times have made this more accessible due to the availability of cosmetic services like Dulles, VA plastic surgery. Plastic surgery and all it involves are further discussed below.

What is Plastic surgery?

This is a typical solution to physical changes to your appearance to achieve your desired goals. These procedures can help tighten and enhance the appearance of your facial features and skin. The operations can also be done for medical uses for those in accidents to restore or repair body parts and their functions.

Some typical plastic surgery options include:

Breast augmentation

This involves operations aimed at changing the shape or size of the breasts. Increasing the breast size involves implants, but augmentation is not similar to breast reductions of lifts that involve different aspects.


This operation is done to deal with facial skin that is:

  •         Loose
  •         Sagging
  •         Wrinkles
  •         Drooping

 The facial tissues are typically raised, extra skin eliminated, and the skin placed over modified contours. Facelifts are typically done together with:

  •         Neck lifts
  •         Forehead lifts
  •         Nose reshaping
  •         Eyelid surgery


This involves using specialized devices to abrase the upper part of the skin mildly. Once this layer is eliminated, fresher, younger-looking skin grows in its place. It is usually done to deal with:

  •         Age spots
  •         Acne scars
  •         Lesions or growths on the skin
  •         Crow’s feet
  •         Wrinkles
  •         Sun-damaged skin

Hair transplantation

This surgery involves restoring hair to deal with the effects of balding. The hair introduced to the bald area is removed from areas with a lot of hair growth. One session can involve the transfer of more than a thousand hairs. These hairs are permanently placed on the new site, so additional care is not required. Most procedures involve successful hair growth afterward.

Lip augmentation

This process is done to plump up your lips. This is achieved by introducing injectable dermal fillers that change your lips’ structure, shape, and volume. This procedure is typically not permanent and can stay for at least six months before a follow-up procedure to maintain the effects is required.


This involves surgical operations to change the shape of or repair your nose. The operation can be done for cosmetic purposes, while others may do them for medical purposes like congenital disabilities or breathing issues. It can be used to:

  •         Correct issues after an injury
  •         Change the size of your nose
  •         Improve or relieve breathing difficulties
  •         Alter the shape of the nasal bridge
  •         Narrow your nostril’s shape
  •         Change the angle of your nose

Plastic surgeries have gained popularity due to the desirable effects seen by entertainment personalities. This, combined with the ease of access, has further encouraged the procedures. For further inquiries into plastic surgeries, check our website, or call our offices in Dulles, VA.

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