Understanding the Causes that Usually Increase the Risk of Suffering Rotator Cuff Tears

Understanding the Causes that Usually Increase the Risk of Suffering Rotator Cuff Tears

The human rotator cuff is one of the most important parts of the human body. Since the rotator muscles contract, they prevent the head of the humerus from sliding, permitting full-range motion when offering stability. Since the rotator cuff usually engages in many activities, they are likely to have injuries. One common injury that people suffer is rotator cuff tear West Chester. This condition makes it hard for a person to make simple movements prompting them to seek treatment. The following are the common causes of rotator cuff tears.

Bone Spurs

These are the bony growths that form at the top of the individual’s shoulder bone. In most instances, the bone spurs rub against the individual’s tendon as the person is lifting the arm. Since there is a shoulder impingement, it causes friction between the tendon and the bone. The person may then be likely to experience a complete or partial tear.

Decreased Blood Flow

The amount of blood flowing in a given area is critical since it affects how the region will be. The main reason is the blood flow to the region; it will transfer oxygen and other nutrients to the area and move other unwanted gases and waste for excretion, improving the effectiveness. However, if the muscles and tendons lack enough blood supply, they will not be healthy and will be unable to repair themselves. This instance can increase the risk of tearing.


Since we normally use our hands to perform various activities, we are likely to engage the rotator cuff in most instances. Furthermore, people who engage in repetitive sports such as hockey or basketball have repetitive shoulder movements, which increases the risk of injuries. Other jobs also exert excess pressure on the muscle and the tendons, increasing the risk of a tear. Even though other people can also suffer this tear, these sports and jobs increase the risk.

Poor Posture

Even though most people ignore it, the person’s posture determines the risk a person is likely to have. For instance, if the person maintains a wrong posture when sitting or walking, they may exert extra pressure on one area than the other. This could increase the risk of suffering from a tear. In most instances, the risk of poor posture is high when the person is lifting an object with a heavy weight. Due to the excess weight, the person could suffer from acute tears, which could take a long time to treat.


As humans age, their bodies also undergo a series of changes. One of the common changes the organs undergo is that they grow weaker with age. For instance, most people suffer from many injuries when they age. Similar to the other organs, the rotator cuff has a high risk of having a tear. This is one of the reasons why some people associate this condition with young people.

Rotator cuff tear is one of the conditions that has caused discomfort and is life-altering. However, even though this condition is serious, you should not continue to suffer since there are available treatments that can treat this condition. The benefit of most treatments is that they are cheap, have minimum side effects, and the person recovers fast. Check the available treatments and choose the one that fits your condition.

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