What is Semen Analysis, and What is It For?

What is Semen Analysis, and What is It For?

In recent times, there has been a gradual decrease in male fertility rates. According to studies, after 2000, there has been more than a 2.6% decrease in sperm count year by year to date. This, coupled with the female infertility rates, has made conception difficult. There are a lot of couples who are worried about not being able to conceive, so there have been various advancements in the field of medicine to help them achieve their dream of having children. 

Today, semen analysis is one of the most popular tests to check a man’s fertility potential. Not only do you get to know the sperm count, but it also serves as a great parameter to understand your overall health. If you have problems conceiving, Bedford semen analysis will help you get treatment!

What Exactly is Semen Analysis?

Semen analysis is nothing but the conduction of a detailed test of the seminal fluid of the patient. This is done in order to understand all the sperm parameters to understand the issue better and get the appropriate treatment. It is a non-invasive test that does not involve scalpels or syringes! It consists of testing and getting statistics on the concentration, motility, morphology, and overall volume of sperm present in the ejaculate.

What is Semen Analysis Used For?

A semen analysis is used to understand the quality of sperm in the male ejaculate. It can not only tell you about your overall health, but it can also help you in getting some information about the following:

  • Knowing your fertility potential

If a couple cannot conceive a child, there might be two possibilities. It might be because of the female or the male involved in the conception. Concerning the male, the sperm sample collected is used for running tests that give a detailed analysis of the spermatozoa. It can be a great indication of infertility.

  • Checking if vasectomy has been successful

During ejaculation, sperms are deposited into the seminal fluid via a tube. Vasectomy involves blocking these tubes. Thus, if the semen does not have any sperm present, it means that the vasectomy has been successful.

  • Understanding overall health

Your semen does not only contain the sperm and information on its parameters, but it also helps provide you with an overall status of your health. If the sperm count is too low, some underlying health conditions, infections, or hormonal irregularities might occur.

In the end, you need not worry if you cannot conceive. This is because there are a lot of procedures today that can help you have a baby. Just stay healthy and practice habits that do not affect your health.

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